Full Clutch Has Moved!

Hello readers! Back when we started full clutch in 2012, we envisioned a site that would focus on affordable fashion, style, and products. While we’ve enjoyed writing about sales, finding great drugstore beauty products, and sharing tips for saving money while looking fabulous, we’ve realized that we want to delve a bit deeper with our subject matter. We want to move beyond earrings and hairspray and get more personal. We want to talk about other areas of your (and our) lives: health and wellness, relationships, body image, even home decor and DIY. And yes, earrings and hairspray will still be a part of all that, because we still love style and beauty. But we’re hoping to open up the conversation to include a variety of topics, and create a community of readers who share our same interests. As it stands right now, full clutch as a brand doesn’t allow us that breadth. So we’ve been working hard on a new site: The Pretty Guinea Pig.

Life is all about experimentation, right? Whether it’s trying a new mascara, or trying to patch things up with a good friend, being able to share and gain insight from others’ experiences can make traveling the bumpy road just a little less tiring. With The Pretty Guinea Pig, we’ll still talk about all the fun stuff ladies like, but we’ll also explore the more important stuff on the inside. Add some fun DIY projects, a dusting of yummy recipes, and suggestions on keeping your mind AND body happy, and voil√†!

The Pretty Guinea Pig–because through shared wisdom women become truly beautiful.

You’ll currently find many of the posts from full clutch on The Pretty Guinea Pig, and in the near future, full clutch readers will automatically be redirected to the new site. We’ll have all new social media accounts, so be sure to follow The Pretty Guinea Pig on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest.¬†They may look bare right now, but we’re just getting started!

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