Would You Dare To Wear It?

featured photo courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

Check out this Zebra print jumpsuit from Haute Hippie:

Haute Hippie Zebra-Print Halter Long Jumpsuit – $318 ($795)

Haute Hippie Zebra-Print Halter Jumpsuit

So what do you think?  Safari Chic or Safari Nightmare?  I’m in the Safari Chic camp, but this garment could have easily gone wrong (or perhaps you think it already has).  The neckline of the halter is classy, but the drop waist and cut of the legs bring in some casual.  The fact that it’s silk also lends a flowing, dreamy air to the garment.  $398 is a steep price, but when compared with the original retail of $795, it seems like a steal!

Would you dare to wear it?


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