Dressing Your Truth Interview with a Type 4

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I first learned about the Dressing Your Truth beauty profiling system from my close friend Amber.  She just earned her masters in counseling, and as a counselor, she has a strong interest in alternative energy therapies.  She first learned about Carol Tuttle, the tour de force behind Dressing Your Truth, when she came across her Energy Profiling System.  Her system works on the fact that all of our bodies contain 4 basic elements of life, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, & carbon.  We all have the 4 elements, and they all play a role, but she asserts that one of these elements is dominant in our body, and therefore dominates the way our energy expresses itself.  For example, I identify with type 2; oxygen (water) first and foremost.  These are the mellow yellow people that are easy going, and good listeners.  Amber is a type 4; carbon (or earth).  Stoic and bold, she’s able to step back and assess things with a cooler head.


Today I’m going to share the first half of my interview with Amber, tomorrow the other half will be published.

1. How did you learn about Dressing Your Truth?

I’ve been a fan of Carol Tuttle for a long time.  I started becoming interested in her energy work as I was moving through my counseling degree, it was very applicable in healing some of my past emotional pain along with that of my clients; I began with studying her EFT (emotional freedom) techniques and knowledge, and it was just natural to follow that through to her other products.

2. What were your first thoughts when you started watching the Beauty Profiling Video Course?

I thought that the concept of energy/beauty profiling was interesting, but I wasn’t sure how she was going to set it apart from other profiling systems.  I had developed respect for her expertise in other areas, though, so I was willing to give it a try.  I was really surprised at how all-encompassing the program is, and how deep the information reaches, to include all areas of a woman’s life.

3. Was it easy for you to determine your type?

Yes, though only after doing some introspection and being honest with myself.  I was raised by a Type 3 (dynamic, intense) mother, so I had programmed myself to be a Type 2 (soft, subtle), as to not bring attention to myself or compete with her.  But, after really opening myself up to the information Carol provided, I fully accepted and stepped into my true Type 4 (bold, striking) nature.

4. Once you determined your type, were you happy with your specific Beauty Type course?

As with any program, there are always things that could be changed or perfected.  The program is meant to be very general per each type.  Because we are a blend of all four types, no one person is going to fit perfectly into any one mold.  So, there can be a feeling of it being too broad or general.  However, I’ve found that the course is really supported by all of the supplemental information, videos and facebook groups.  As one delves further into the program and the supplemental information, it is easier to find your unique fit within the broad mold of your specific type.  It’s a beautiful thing to see the individual differences within each type.

Interested in learning more about the Dressing Your Truth profiling system?  Check it out here.  And make sure to check out fullclutch tomorrow for the second half of Amber’s interview!

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