Going Outfits: Superbowl Chic

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Super Bowl parties aren’t usually synonymous with luxury (perhaps gluttony, but not luxury).  But the NFL is in the business of money BIG TIME.  Generating over $8 billion in annual revenue, the average yearly salary for an NFL player is over $1 million.  And that’s average, it doesn’t count the big stars that make well over that, and some of the little guys that make less.

Yet on Super Bowl Sunday most of us tend to schlub it up.  Large, tent-like jerseys, loose fitting pants so we can stuff at least 5 more wings in our bloated bellies at the end of the game.  But you can easily pull together a casual, chic look that won’t be out of place but will make you the best dressed fan in the room.  Here are two examples sporting the colors of the two teams facing off in this year’s Super Bowl (just in case you’re out of the loop, the game is played this Sunday, February 3rd).


San Francisco 49ers
SF 49ers

Doing the bay area proud

It should be pretty easy to pull a great ensemble together if you’re a 49ers fan.  The dark horse might be the crimson or red pants.  They’re not too hard to come by though.  I have a very comfortable pair of skinny velour pants in red that I got from my local Target for a steal.  Featured above are the GAP Super Skinny Zipper Twill Pants for $59.95.  If you’re just not in the market for red pants, just switch the pants out for jeans and incorporate some red on top, or with shoes.  You could even borrow a crimson necktie from a man in your life, and loosely tie it around a collard shirt, like the Pleione Mixed Media Shirt – $58 shown above.  Or, use that tie as a belt.  A black cardigan, like the J. Crew Bling-Button Cardigan – $49.99, will pull in the black from the 49ers logo.  As far as the gold, your options are limitless!  How about a fun necklace like the Vanessa Moon Chunky Chain Necklace – $62?  With an ensemble like this, you’ll be as comfortable as you are cute.


Baltimore Ravens
Baltimore Ravens

Cheering for some bad-ass birds

The Baltimore Ravens have a great color combination; royal purple, gold, and black.  Very appropriate for the city in which the Super Bowl will take place this year.  Start off with a pair of jeans, perhaps like the Paris Blues Dark Wash Skinny Jean – $34.90.  Just don’t make them too tight, or you might be regretting that third beer.  You can also wear black pants if you really want to get the full effect.  You have to sport royal purple somewhere in your outfit.  You can try something like the Amber Sun Accordion Rib Polo Tee – $39, or a plain purple tee if you have one.  If you don’t own any purple, stop by a thrift store this weekend and see what purple you can come up with.  You might be able to find a cheap garment you can re-purpose.  Cut a large purple t-shirt into strips and braid into a scarf.  If needed, you can attach the strips with gold safety pins, just adding another color element of Ravens’ wear into your outfit.  A gold cardigan, like the Anthropologie Ruffle Peplum Cardigan – $49.95, is a bright way to show your teams colors.  And Dotted Feather Earrings – $2.99, or any black, gold, or purple feather earrings, not only draw in the team colors, but pay tribute to the mascot.

If you have plans to watch the game on Sunday, have a fun, safe, and stylish time!

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