Would you dare to wear it?

If fashion bloggers and runway observers are to be believed, one of the new trends for the next year is “statement earrings.” This means big, bold, and sometimes bizarre earring or earring-type jewelry that’s meant to be the center of your ensemble. Behold…


Falling Spikes Ear Cuffs – $15; Crystal Scroll Ear Cuff – $17.54; A Nice Wing to It Earring Set – $13.99

There’s no doubt that the look is edgy. It harkens back to the early to mid nineties, when simple ear cuffs were a trend…but this is stepping it up a notch. I think the crystal scroll featured up above is sort of beautiful in a sorcerer-and-magic-spells kind of way. But the other two? I’m not so sure. The one at left is almost too 90’s–it makes me think of a washed up rocker from a hair band. And the one at right is just…bold. A little Star Trek-y. Plus I’d worry about my hair getting stuck in it.

So what do you think…would you dare to wear it?

3 Responses to “Would you dare to wear it?”
  1. Furious Styles says:

    I don’t know whether I dig the Captain America wing earring, but the other.two could work if the lady didn’t emphasize them with her hair up on both sides. Maybe just a peek-a-boo.flash on one ear my add some intrigue. Or maybe they’re all just too weird.

  2. I love the falling spikes cuff.. its the most accesible and a native american inspired. that + simple gold stud on the other ear = killin it!

  3. Amber Dillon says:

    I agree with Bailey, I love the falling spikes cuff…if it came in silver.