The ModCloth Coach Tour Dress & Top

Coach Tour Top

Coach Tour Top

As CoCo Chanel has laid claim to the little black dress, ModCloth seems to have it’s own iconic garment that has become so popular it’s been produced in multiple colors, and even in the form of a top.  I am speaking (or actually typing) of the Coach Tour Dress.  ModCloth isn’t the only retailer selling this dress, you can buy it at Ruche, where they call it the “Museum Date Dress”.  But ModCloth seems to have had enough success with it not only to keep the dress in their lineup, but to also offer it currently in 8 different colors/patterns. You can even buy half the dress, in top form, which comes in 4 different colors at the moment.

But what makes these garments so popular?  Are they universally flattering?  Do they smell like sugar cookies?  Like Calgon, can they take me away?  I can’t imagine any one piece of clothing that magical, although we all have found that one shirt, that one pair of jeans, that one cardigan that fit us like a glove.  That’s usually a magical moment.  So, did I find any magic from ModCloth, or Monteau, the LA based clothing wholesaler that actually makes the Coach Tour Dress & Top?

Let’s start with the top.  At the time I ordered, the very cute argyle print shown above was available.  It was so unique, I had to give it a try.  The top is essentially the same as the dress, just cut short.  I love the collar on both the top and dress, and the button details.  It adds so much, and on the top, can turn an outfit comprised of just this top and jeans into something special.  The top fit me really well, and I have an odd figure.  All women probably think this, and I am no exception.  Petite on top, but larger chested, and rather hippy in my book.  I like when a garment accentuates my waist (you know, the smallest part).  The Coach Tour Top does this beautifully.


Wearing Coach Tour Dress & Shirt


I wasn’t as in love with the Coach Tour Dress just for one reason only, the pockets in the dress made the skirt lay a little weird on my hips.  This probably isn’t an issue for everyone, and for me it’s likely an issue just because that is one part of my body I take issue with.  But hey, the pockets are a very handy feature if you’re heading to an event that you don’t want to carry a purse at.  The copper colored buttons on the collar and waist are fun additions to the navy blue color I ordered.  Great dress to get a nautical theme going in!  I ordered a medium in both garments, and both fit true to size.  I don’t know how often I’ll wear either garment during the dog days of summer, seeing as they are 78% polyester, and polyester just does not breath.  If the cloth were a thinner weave, I might break it out during summer, but it’s woven fairly thick.  During all other seasons though, I will gladly be rocking my Couch Tour Dress and Top.

The Coach Tour Dress retails for $47.99 (it’s $10 less at Ruche, but they only carry it in one color), and the top for $37.99.  Decent deals, but better if you wait for a sale!  They don’t happen all the time at ModCloth, but they do come around.

Coach Tour Footer

Do you own the Coach Tour Dress?  How do you like it?  Please share your experience in the comments…

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