LOVE IT: Advanced Style

All photos courtesy Advanced Style.


I read a lot of style blogs. Some of my favorites are the ones whose scope is so different from full clutch. Such is the case with Advanced Style. Written by Ari Seth Cohen, who is based out of NYC, this blog features stylish photos of “the wise and silver-haired set.” It’s easy to assume that style and fashion are the interests of only the young, but as Cohen demonstrates, style knows no age. Cohen photographs random people from the street whose look peaks his interest, but he also has relationships with many of his subjects, so there are repeating “characters” who pop up on the blog.

AdvancedStyle1I love that this is a blog that sings the praises of only old folks. There’s enough focus on youth everywhere else; it’s so refreshing to see a different age group put front and center. I also love the wide variety of styles shown. Some women (and men) wear only vintage pieces collected over their lives; some wear clothing representing their country of origin; some wear an eclectic mix of items that really make them stand out.


I highly recommend Advanced Style. Great photos, captions, and personal anecdotes. And some good-lookin’ senior citizens.

Always looking for some good blog reading–what are your recommendations?

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