Dressing Up The Plain Old Tee

Tee shirts are great.  Comfortable.  Soft.  Looks good on most.  But they are decidedly casual, and can get boring quick.  That’s why it’s great when a retailer like Anthropologie ups the cool factor by combining different cuts and patterns.  The results are completely fun statement tees.  Combine them with some modern baubles, and you can take a plain t-shirt and jeans look to a “who’s that girl!?” look.  Some of our favorite combinations from the “Fresh Cuts” sale section…


Banter Tee in Deer Print – $29.95 ($48) & Verdura Segment Necklace – $29.95 ($48)
Banter Deer Tee & Verdura Necklace

. . .

Black & white with a splash of color will be all the rage this spring.  Accomplish this look with a tee and necklace combo as shown above.  The kitschy deer print is made up of daddy, mama, and baby deer.  Features a boat neck and the really popular button tab sleeve.  The Verdura necklace has a little bit of everything; mixed metals, resin, and glass.


Here & There Solid Tee – $29.95 ($48) & Picado Necklace – $29.95 ($48)
Here & There Solid Tee & Picado Necklace

. . .

The Here & There solid tee comes in five different colors, and features a wide neck line and feminine ruching on the sleeves.  Throwing one of these on, as opposed to a regular tee, will immediately up the style points.  For springtime, pair one of the lighter colors with the Picado Necklace.  Pendant is 4″ long.


Banter Tee in Horse Print – $29.95 ($48) & Critter Cameo Coin Purse – $19.95 ($38)
Banter Horse Tee & Critter Cameo Coin Purse

. . .

Kentucky Derby fan?  How about bucking the norm (pun totally intended) by pairing the wildly fun horse print Banter tee with a skirt.  Then carry all your betting cash in your Critter Cameo coin purse.  Two great pieces not to be missed by the pony lover.  And you can even pair the Picado Necklace from above with this ensemble, as shown in the picture.  This Interval Sparkle Cuff would also make a darling accompaniment.


Here & There Offbeat Tee – $29.95 ($48) & Deco Trinket Bangle – $29.95 ($58)
Here & There Offbeat Tee & Deco Trinket Bangle

. . .

A hot-air balloon tee just in time to go see “Oz: The Great & Powerful“.  OK, that might be a little cheesy, but this tee is anything but.  Blueprint-like balloon patterns fill the shirt up, with color sporadically applied throughout.  The Deco Trinket Bangle brings all those interesting lines from the shirt onto a bauble.  Heads up though, the bracelet can be hard to latch according to reviews.  Back to the tee, the “Offbeat” version also comes in a dot, and flower pattern.  Animals more you thing?  Check these versions of the tee out.


The Gamble

Lula’s Bowtied Tee – $49.95 ($88) & Everjade Necklace – $29.95 ($58)
Lula's Bowtied Tee & Everjade Necklace

. . .

That Everjade Necklace is a very fun looking pieces, and hand made in the USA.  The gamble would be the Bowtied tee.  Is that really even a tee anymore?  And the gamble falls to the big bow across the front.  It could look might funky on the wrong body, but on the right one…  What do you think?

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