Would You Dare To Wear It?

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Harness jewelry is an interesting, still somewhat underground trend right now.  It makes me wonder if soon enough the trend will explode, and all of a sudden we’ll all have superfluous chains hanging off our bodies, tack for humans.  Harness bracelets can be understated, but harness necklaces are hard to miss.  There are chains on your body where normally there are not.  And it seems like some harness necklaces might shift around a lot… that might drive some people crazy (who me?).    But what do you think about the harness jewelry trend?


Etsy Harness Necklaces

From left to right: Meg Gardiner Designs Black & Gold Chain Harness Necklace – $24, Ready To Stare Gold Body Chain – $45, & My October Country Rose & Pearl Lace Shoulder Harness Necklace – $65

Would you dare to wear it?

2 Responses to “Would You Dare To Wear It?”
  1. Amber Dillon says:

    You know I kind of dig that shoulder one…maybe during the summer.

  2. Adri C. says:

    I would dare to wear it, but it’s not really my style. I don’t like the idea of wearing any type of harness, haha. The shoulder one is pretty cute, though.