Prabal Gurung for Target

Last year was big for Target. They debuted The Shops at Target, in which they partnered with small independent boutiques to bring a more personal touch to their enormous chain. They also had some wildly successful partnerships with designer labels: Jason Wu, Carolina Herrera, Derek Lam, and so on. Sunday they launched their collaboration with Prabal Gurung. I trotted on over to my local Target and picked out three items to try on, photograph, and write up. My particular Target didn’t have any of the accessories like handbags or jewelry yet (they’ll be displaying those items later in the week), so I just have clothing for you today.


Long-Sleeve Tee in Floral Crush Print – $19.99


This top was my favorite of the items I tried. The colors are vibrant, the pattern beautiful and unexpected. Fabric is a cotton/modal blend. Modal is known for being a bit like silk in its smoothness and softness, and I could definitely feel this in the fabric. The cons for this top is that it’s super thin. You can see in the photo at left that the top band of my grey pants are visible through the blouse. I also think women who have small busts and larger mid-sections should stay away from this top–the gradient nature of the pattern, going from dark and busy to light and uncluttered will accentuate the tummy while distracting from the size of the bust. Sizing was pretty accurate, though the sleeves were tighter than normal.


Colorblock Long-Sleeve Cardigan -Dresden Blue – $32.99


This boyfriend-style sweater is a polyester/cotton blend with a really nice, soft feel to it. Colors are turquoise blue with coral contrast trim. Though this style of sweater is supposed to be bigger and baggier, I thought it ran large. The medium fit in the shoulders (and I have pretty broad shoulders) but bagged out through the mid-section when I leaned over or moved. It seemed to be a very well-made garment, more so than Target’s typically decent standard.


Pleated Skirt in Nolita Print – $29.99


Another super colorful piece from PG. I wasn’t expecting to like this skirt, but it actually is quite pretty off the hanger. The main part of the skirt looks like a watercolor painting, and the black lace on the bottom is a nice touch. The waist has no give at all (not surprising given that it’s 100% polyester), and it runs quite small. I paired it above with a black braided belt from my own wardrobe, and I liked that look. Because the skirt is so swingy and voluminous, I suggest wearing a fitted top for contrast.

Bottom line: If you love color, Prabal Gurung for Target is right up your alley.

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