Dresses for Spring 2013

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An open letter to Spring:

Dear Spring,

I miss you.  I miss your bright, sunny days.  Your teasingly mild temps.  Your sounds and smells.  This weekend it’s actually supposed to get up into the 50’s where I live, and I know this is you just poking your head in through the doorway, reminding old man winter that he’s slowly but surely loosing his grasp.  Why not come in and stay for a while?  Because you know what else I miss about you?  Spring dresses. I’m ready to NOT put tights and boots on.  I’m ready to only need to layer with a light cardigan, sans wool.  I’m ready to slip on flats or, I might be dreaming here, sandals, and step out the door to go get some spring greens from my local farmer’s market.  Here are some of those things I dream about Spring…


Loveappella Metallic Midi – $79 & DvF Zia II – $280
Loveappella & DvF

. . .

First off Spring, I love a comfortable dress with a great fit and look to it.  I think this metallic midi from Loveappella will fit the bill.  With the type of fit that looks good on both lean and curvy bodies, this is a dress that many women can ring in the spring season with.  I’m really dreaming on those Diane von Furstenberg  slingback sandals, due to both the price (ouch!) and the heel height (might hurt me more than the price).  But still, a girl can dream, can’t she?


Tinley Road Ponte Windowpane Dress – $69 & Calvin Klein Kasia Pump – $99
Tinley Road & Calvin Klein

. . .

I know you’re thinking I’m crazy Spring.  What’s with the black?  Isn’t springtime about color and new beginnings?  Well this year, black is one of the “it” colors for the season.  I can’t say I’m fully on board with it, but I don’t wear a lot of black.  I do love the bright blue color of the above dress, and it does look really chic paired with that black windowpane detailing.  For those girls that consider black one of their signature colors, this will be their spring.


Hibiscus Bloom Shirtdress – $138 & BCBG Paris Campbell Sandal – $54.95
Anthropologie & BCBG Paris

. . .

Polynesian meets kimono meets your boyfriends shirt in this sweet little dress from Anthropologie.  You like the looks of this one Spring?  So do I.  You can unbutton the top buttons to give the dress and more laid back look, although it will look fairly casual no matter what.  A girl in the Anthro reviews said it even looks great with a tank underneath and skinny jeans.  Good thinking!  The Campbell sandal will keep the island feel going, while adding in a bit of sophistication with bling.


Showroom Polka Dot Dress – $44.99 & Crown Vintage Cielo Wedge – $49.95
Ruche & Crown Vintage

. . .

One of my very favorite colors as of late is yellow.  And there isn’t a prettier harbinger of Spring than yellow tulips, daffodils, and crocuses.  Yes, I know spring, all your colors are beautiful.  But when paired with a white polka dot grey skirt, like on the dress above from Ruche, and some light cork on some sandals, yellow can make quite a style statement.


ON Tipped Racerback Tank Dress – $29.94 & GC Shoes Sahara Sandal – $39.95
Old Navy & GC Shoes

. . .

Spring, one of the best things about you, as mentioned above, is flowers.  And bringing those flowers onto our clothing can be cheery and bright.  Floral patters can get pretty wild at times, but they look really beautiful transposed against a solid background.  And there’s just something about metallics right now too.  Metallic accents on shoes can take a sandal from plain Jane to sparkly Sue.  Yes, I just made sparkly Sue up.  You got me Spring.


Electric Cello Solo Dress – $$79.99 & Ann Marino Lido Pump – $49.95
ModCloth & Ann Marino

. . .

Light and airy, with a pop of neon, this dress from ModCloth features a beautiful mesh cutout floral motif.  Another tribute to you, Spring.  The Ann Marino pumps scream spring wedding or semi-formal function, and they are neutral enough to pair with many colors.  Alright Spring, I’ve made my case.  Feel free to stick around sooner than later!

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