Guilty Pleasures: Bad Lip Reading

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You know how when something strikes you as so funny that your laughter turns into crying?  It’s like your joyful emotions hit a crescendo and there is nowhere else for your brain to take it, so it turns your laughter into tears.  Well, that has happened to me more than once when watching Bad Lip Reading’s productions.  The most recent is a bad lip reading of Beyonce singing the the National Anthem at President Obama’s inauguration.

Bad Lip Reading was started by an anonymous Texas base music and video producer.  Whoever this person is, they have a really random sense of humor that tickles my brain.  Check out this montage of Hunger Game’s scenes given a bad lip reading…

No Peeta, that’s not how babies grow.  The genius of these videos is the producer is able to match the words up so closely with how someone’s mouth is moving, but it usually stays within context.  Sometimes it doesn’t, but that can get even funnier.  The Twilight lip reads are absolutely hilarious (I want to make some seafood too, Edward), but some of the political dubs are just as entertaining…

It’s stupid, yet clever, and very amusing.  Check out Bad Lip Reading at either the YouTube Chanel or Tumblr site.  Enjoy!

One Response to “Guilty Pleasures: Bad Lip Reading”
  1. Amber Dillon says:

    These videos make me cry. They are definitely a guilty pleasure of mine too!