The Corset. Would You Dare to Wear It?


Grey Pinstripe Weskit Style Corset – $149; Venni Caprice Solid Black Corset Wide Belt – $30;

Lorraine Corset Belt Oxblood Lace Up – $69

Corsets are a throwback to an era in which women used stiff, laced¬†undergarments to coax their bodies into the perfect hourglass shape. Thankfully this is no longer a requirement–no more cracked ribs and misplaced organs for these modern ladies! But wearing a corset outside of one’s clothing has become a bit of a trend. This look acts to narrow the waist and create that hourglass look, but it also adds beautiful, sexy, and interesting detail. There’s a wide variety of ways to pull of this trend–corsets as tops or as belts, corsets with laces or buttons or snaps. The best way to wear this look is to find a happy medium between the Victorian rigidness of the past and the contemporary edginess of the present.

So what do you think? Would you dare to wear it?

3 Responses to “The Corset. Would You Dare to Wear It?”
  1. Only for Steampunk conventions. :) Otherwise, not so much in real life.

  2. SamC says:

    Wear it where? Work? Yoga? Grocery shopping? Certainly not out to dinner! I’d have to untie it by the main course!