LOVE IT: Urban Decay Naked Skin BB Cream

Urban Decay BB CreamBB Creams became quite the rage for us Westerners in 2012.  And why wouldn’t they?  With multiple benefits in one easy to apply lotion, it’s understandable that these beauty balms took America by storm.  But we are just discovering what Asian women have known for 25+ years now.  And BB Cream has been around much longer than that.

According to Wikipedia, the first BB Cream (not yet known as that) was created in the 1960’s by a German dermatologist to protect her patients’ skin post surgery.  This magical elixir was introduced to the South Korean market in 1985, and it was love at first application.  Due to healthy, porcelain skin being prized in Asia, beauty balms formulated for the Asian market contain skin-whitening properties.  On our side of the world, these multi-tasking balms are suggested to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock, but you can certainly layer it with anything else you want to gob on your face.

I recently discovered a BB Cream I really like the feel of.  I’ve tried other BB Creams, including Dr. Jart’s BB SPF 45, which is a really nice BB Cream, albeit expensive.  Then last month I received a sample of Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Beauty Balm.  I think I found the BB Cream for me, or at least one that will definitely be part of the rotation.

Urban Decay before & after

Sitting on top of my skin, then applied

This cream definitely has more of a golden tone to it, so if your skin leans pink, I’d stay away.  Anyone with natural olive tones should be able to use this product well.  It also provides pretty sheer coverage, so if you’re in need of a BB that leans more towards heavier coverage foundation territory, skip this one.  But the thing that hooked me on this BB Cream is the way it feels after application.  It dries to a very matte, silky finish.  I have dry skin, and usually tend to avoid matte finished products as they tend to make my skin feel drier, but not this cream.  After application my face feels very moisturized, but not oily.  And the cream is very lightweight, I don’t feel like I’m wearing foundation whatsoever.  It does add a bit of color and glow, but not enough to create an obvious makeup line.  Here are some of the benefits touted by Urban Decay about Naked Skin Beauty Balm:

In a clinical study, immediately after use:
-65% of participants’ complexion looked significantly improved
-59% of participants’ skin looked significantly lifted
-68% of participants’ skin hydration improved significantly

After eight weeks of use:
-93% of participants had significantly firmer, more lifted skin
-90% had significantly more radiant skin
-84% had a significant improvement in fine lines
-Over 84% had significantly smoother and more hydrated skin

Facts like that always have to be taken with a grain of salt–you don’t know all the details of the study, and what skin types/tones were most dominant in the study.  But those are some pretty impressive results.

If you’re interested in giving this light-weight BB Cream a try, definitely head into your local Sephora or Ulta and see if you can score a sample or at least use a tester to try it out on your skin.  Reviews are all over the place, so this might not be the BB Cream for you, but I’m sure happy I found it.

That is until I find my dream CC Cream…

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  1. Kelly says:

    Awesome! I’m excited to try it! Have you tried Tarte’s BB cream?!? I was thinking of buying it, but will try your suggestion first :)