Beauty Army Review

Time for another Beauty Army review! This batch of items is from a January shipment. I’m splitting the box into two, like last month, since there are a significant number of products to review. Here we go…


Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels – $30


These eye gels advertise themselves as reducing swelling and puffiness from under tired eyes. I love the idea of such a product, but this one didn’t work for me. The gels themselves were so heavy that they sort of pulled my lower lid down, so that my eyes began watering immediately. About ten minutes after I removed them, I had a small welt on my cheek where the gel had been. And as for reducing redness and swelling? I couldn’t tell a difference.


Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Mask – $16.50 ($28)


This deep repair mask for hair was a much better bet than the eye gels. Instructions direct you to apply to wet, clean hair, comb through, and let sit for seven minutes, at which point you rinse your hair clean. Hair repair products, as I’ve mentioned before, are rather hard to evaluate because they’re meant to be used over a period of time, for gradual improvement. This particular masque is to be used only twice a week. Whether or not it actually repaired anything, I really enjoyed using this product. It smells wonderful–slightly floral, slightly coconutty, and something else that’s difficult to put my finger on. It acted nicely as a conditioner, completely detaingling my hair and leaving it soft. I’d very much recommend this even just as a luxurious conditioner.


Mark. Scanda-lash Hook Up Mascara – $6.50


Another product with which I was impressed–Mark.’s Scanda-lash Hook Up Mascara. This mascara is as good as my favorite–Maybelline Falsies. It has a nice big brush with lots of bristles, and the formula is smooth and easy to apply with few clumps. I think the gimmick here is that you can connect different products together for easier storage and organization. In the photo above at left, you see the mascara and then a small tube below it. In the photo at right, the mascara and tube have been connected. Other “hook up” products (eye liner, lip gloss) from Mark. may be attached to the mascara, so that you essentially carry two products in one. I don’t personally have need of this type of gimmick, but I can see how it would be very helpful to someone who had a crazy busy schedule and traveled a lot. You could get away with carrying one or two tubes in your purse and that would be your complete eye and lip makeup right there.

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  1. Thank you so much for your review on the Deep Repair Masque. We are so glad that you like it. Let us know if you see any changes to your hair in the near future.