Bark Box

BBoxSince we spend a significant amount of time here on full clutch covering beauty club subscriptions, it might be fun to talk about another similar club subscription…this one for the pet lover. Bark Box works much the same way that Beauty Armyipsy, and Birchbox do, offering a selection of surprise items, shipped each month to the subscriber.



Like Beauty Army, Bark Box wants a bit of information from members before shipping the box. How big is your dog? A Pomeranian is going to have different needs than a Great Dane.  Then you pick the plan you want–the more months you buy up front, the better the deal. A month-to-month subscription is $29/month; a three month subscription is $23/month; a six month subscription is $18/month. Shipping is included in the fee. Right now on, Bark Box is offering a sweet deal on a three month subscription, $49 when it would normally be $69. (You have to be a Fab member to get into the website and see the deals, FYI.) What a great gift for the dog lover in your life…or a great gift for yourself, and your pup.

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