The Trend – Ankle Strap Shoes

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Here at we’re fans of the ankle-strap trend.  Whether it’s a dainty strap attached to a flat, a ribbon looped through the back of an espadrille, or a t-strap on a pump, ankle straps create a youthful and sometimes sexy vibe. There’s been an explosion of ankle straps on all sorts of women’s shoes, but this securing shoe feature became popular in the 1950’s on pumps, when they became the trend in footwear for pinup girls.  I think with the right width and shoe, ankle straps can look at home on several different types of shoes.  Three are feature below.


Ankle Strap Flats

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Seychelles Pansy Ankle-Strap Flat – $70 ($100)
Kelsi Dagger Jinnie Ankle-Strap Flat – $110
Schutz Emmy Flat – $98 ($149)

A lovely trio if I’ve ever seen one.  Those Pansy Flats from Seychelles make me long for spring days to show off a fresh pedicure.  The big bow at the toe cashes in on another trend, and the bright colors will look great paired with rolled up denim or a neutral dress.  Also available in Black, and being sold through  You can find the Jinnie Flat from Kelsi Dagger at Victoria’s Secret.  Made from leather, with a contrasting back panel and adjusting criss-cross ankle straps.  Perfect with a skirt or dress.  The final flat featured, the Emmy Flat, combines fantastic blue colorblocking with a contrasting brown ankle strap.  Also available in brown colorblock with a black ankle strap.  These made in Brazil leather beauties are sold directly through Amazon, so shipping and returns are free.


Ankle Strap Sandals

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Fergie Queenie Too Ankle-Strap Sandal – $59.37 ($79.95)
Via Spiga Christina Ankle-Strap Sandal – $139 ($185)
Timberland Maeslin Sandal Ankle-Strap Sandal – $85.95 ($110)

(All the sandals shown above are sold by Amazon, so will ship and return free.)  If you like that big sole on the Queenie by Fergie, it will give you an extra 4.25″!  Don’t fret though, the platform is 1.25″.  Fun shoes for a date (unless he happens to be the same height or shorter than you).  The Via Spiga sandals have a much more sleek and sophisticated look about them.  The combination of the leather, stacked wood heel, and silver hardware make this sandal Italian chic.  Available in four colors with sizes ranging.  And lastly we have a sandal from Timberland, and likely the most comfortable out of the bunch.  Features an anti-fatigue midsole, and the sole itself is rubber, so that absorbs shock.  Leather and fabric upper. Available in three colors.


Ankle Strap Pumps

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Monet® Elinore Ankle-Strap Pumps – $30 ($40)
Pelle Moda Page T-Strap Pump – $80.50 ($175)
Touch Twin Ankle-Strap Pump – $69.99 ($129.99)

All the ladies must currently be in the market for ankle strap pumps, because it was hard to find pumps with a good size range.  Like the Monet Elinore Pumps sold by jcp, they have NO sizes left online.  That’s right, goose eggs.  But it’s a really great ankle strap pump for the price!  The leather is sheepskin, and the heel is just over three inches.  You might want to check in store if you’re interested in that particular pair.  Well done, jcp!  The Pelle Moda Page T-Strap is a very tall girl.  5.25″ covered heel (my low back hurts just typing that) with a 1.25″ platform.  If 4″ is doable for you, there you go.  I included these because the design of that t-strap is so chic and sexy.  Our final pair, the Touch Twin Ankle-Strap Pump, features a double ankle strap.  It’s a really striking look, you can see pics of the shoes on a model if you click on the above link.  Sizes are very limited, but there are definitely more double ankle strap pumps to be seen, and purchased, on the world wide web if you love these but they don’t have your size.

Are you loving the ankle strap trend as much as we are?  Tell us about it in the comments!  Don’t be shy.

2 Responses to “The Trend – Ankle Strap Shoes”
  1. Amber Dillon says:

    I love wearing heels, and an ankle strap makes them SO much more comfortable

    • Sarah says:

      Truth be told, I’ve never worn a pair of heels with a true wrap around ankle strap. Mary Jane strap, yes, but not an ankle strap. Something to try!