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Last week I shared my reviews of three products from Beauty Army. This week I’d planned to have three more, but I realized that one of the products–a texturizing paste–isn’t really suited to the length of my hair. So I’m bringing you reviews of two different shampoos, and next week I’ll report the story on the texturizing paste from a friend who has short hair.



First up is GG Gatsby Raise Volume Shampoo – $12.99 ($14.99). I liked this shampoo. It claims to add volume, and my hair was full after using it. I’d be interested to know what someone with really limp hair felt about the product, since I usually don’t have that problem. BUT, I do have really heavy hair, and this definitely felt light. The second product is the real deal. Nelson j Beverly Hills Argan Oil 7 (twin pack) – $36. This product is a “7 in 1 non foaming shampoo” and claims to also be a conditioner, detangler, argan oil** shine, color sealer, smooth serum and pre-styling lotion. I can’t speak to the color sealer as I don’t have colored hair, and I disagree that it takes the place of a styling lotion…but everything else is true. It’s a really runny consistency and it doesn’t lather, so it sort of feels like you’re not doing anything to your hair when you apply it. But it does indeed clean hair, condition and detangle it, and make it smooth and shiny. I was stunned. Once I did try to skip my usual styling cream before blow-drying, and my hair wouldn’t hold the shape of a round brush, so I do think you’ll need to still use a mousse, gel, lotion, or cream before styling. But everything else holds true–it’s a many in one product. Great for travel or busy women.

**In the event that you’ve been wondering, what’s all this buzz about argan oil, here’s the scoop. It’s also called Moroccan oil, because it comes from the argan tree which is found in…Morocco. It boasts properties that nourish skin and hair, prevent and treat wrinkles and acne, and so on. While I don’t have any reason to doubt those properties, the huge boom in argan oil products on the market is probably just a fad. Even if this oil does work, in a few years a different type of product or oil will gain popularity and so on.

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