Hot Pink Lipstick How To: A Full Clutch Tutorial

Last month I posted a tutorial on getting a great red pout. As I mentioned then, winter is a good time to experiment with bright makeup–it can’t help but lift the spirits a bit. Today I have a similar tutorial, but with fuchsia lip color instead. I won’t go into the details of applying lip liner and lipstick, see my previous post for those notes.



I use Sephora Nano Lip Liner in Pinup Pink as a base, and to outline the shape of the lips, before applying tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipstick in Foxy.



Here you can see the lip colors side by side. The liner is a more muted shade, while the lipstick is much more bright and opaque. They still layer very well together.



This photo shows just the liner. It’s really more of a gloss in texture and very shimmery. I suspect it would work well under any number of different pink lipsticks. It’s not the best quality lip liner I’ve ever used, but for $5 a pop, I can hardly complain. If you’re not sure about a particular look, this line of Sephora lip liners is good for experimenting, since they’re so cheap. Later on you can always buy a better quality lip liner if you want.



And here it is with the lipstick on top. Vibrant and cheery! This lipstick is quite thick to apply, and has good staying power. It also strikes a good balance between a matte and shiny finish. If you find it difficult to apply lipstick smoothly within the lip line, try using a lip brush. Take color bit by bit from the lipstick with the brush, and apply to the lip. It may give you more control until you feel comfortable applying straight from the stick.



This lip is best with muted makeup elsewhere–not too heavy an eye or with too much blush or bronzer. While the red lip is an evening look for me, I actually prefer the fuchsia lip for daytime, with a bit of mascara and foundation. If you want to find a great pink lipstick, I recommend going to a department store or Sephora, where you can try everything before buying (and usually return items that don’t work out). I had to try four or five different colors before finding the right one for me, so don’t give up!

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