Cult Nail Polish

Cult Nails is a favorite brand of nail bloggers, and an independent label you can only buy online. Lately I’ve been exploring these boutique brands and having a great time with it. Here’s my take on three Cult polishes.



First, how darling is this packaging? I love companies that take the time to make you feel like you’re getting something really special. And, I love the Cult Nails logo, with that sassy lady looking over her shoulder.



Cult Nails knows nail polish lovers. All that polish means a lot of polish removal. Thus, they package their bottles in a box with cotton balls for padding! Smart. Very smart.



From left we haveĀ Time Traveler, I Got Distracted, andĀ Vicious. The latter two are currently available on the site, but Time Traveler is sold out for the time being. It is a permanent part of the collection, though, so if you check back in a couple weeks, I’d think the color would be back in stock.



First up is I Got Distracted. I first wrote about this shade in January. This is currently my favorite nail polish…ever. It’s a black jelly polish (which means not opaque), with large green and blue pieces of glitter, and then tiny holographic specks of glitter. The result is a super shiny, super sparkly, super complex polish that really stands out. Two thick coats are required to get to opacity (or three thin ones), plus one to two clear topcoats for maximum effect.



Next up is Vicious. This polish is a deep purple cream that is nearly opaque in one thin coat, but works best with two coats. Vampy but still work appropriate, it’s a really delightful shade.



Here is the same polish under slightly different light–you can see how dark it can appear at times. Top with a single coat of clear.



Finally Time Traveler. This is a really dark blue color. My camera had trouble capturing the exact hue of it–it looks too dark to my eye. In bright light, you can tell it’s blue, and not black.



Here’s another shot with this shade paired with emerald green sequins–I think it’s easier to see the blue hue when it’s next to green. Only con on this polish is that removing it is a bear. It comes off the nail easily enough but seems to somehow smear and stain the skin around nail worse than most other polishes.

Bottom line for Cult Nails: beautiful, easy to apply, decently long-wearing polishes. Well worth the $12 price tag!

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