Dare to wear it: Saratoga New York Bracelet

Saratoga New York Bracelet – $68 ($90)


Today’s Would you Dare to  Wear it? is this beautiful bracelet by Elbeto Jewelry, which is now on sale and available through Fab.com. I was immediately drawn to the distressed look of the piece, complemented by the small row of sparkles. Then I read more closely…and that my friends is bull’s horn that’s been dried and treated and then studded with pyrite. The company assures consumers that the horns are “harvested” ethically and sustainably. Not sure what this means–do bulls have to die to get the horn? If not, is it a painful process of removal? We wear leather shoes and belts, and eat steaks and chops, but there’s something a leeeeetle…creepy about the bull horn to me. What do you think?

Would you dare to wear it?

One Response to “Dare to wear it: Saratoga New York Bracelet”
  1. Amber Dillon says:

    I think this would be great paired with a more delicate silver or gold chain bracelet. I’m all about stacking right now!