A Review of the new Julep Product Box

Well, it looks like Julep is jumping on the monthly beauty product (not polish) box bandwagon.  But unlike sample boxes, these are full sized products, and specifically Julep products.  Just in case you’re new to Julep, they are a Seattle based nail parlor chain that sells all products used in their parlors through the Julep website.  The products are high quality, and toxin free (the majority of polishes are not). They offer a monthly club, the Maven Club, that based on your beauty profile guarantees you’ll receive a shipment of nail polishes, plus most likely sample sized Julep product of some sort, if you choose to receive it.  The club is $20 per month, which is a significant savings over à la carte prices, and you can skip any month you choose.

Last month I received an email from Julep letting me know that my beauty profile type, American Beauty, was being changed to Modern Beauty, whose shipments would be products only, no polish.  Of course I was given the choice to change my profile so I could keep receiving polishes each month, but seeing as I have about 15 Julep polishes hanging out in a drawer in my bathroom, I thought switching over to products for a while might not be a bad thing.  So what came in the first Modern Beauty product box?

Julep Feb Product Box

I’m a hand cream fiend, especially since I’m in my 30’s and my hands have seen a lot of sun and abuse in my lifetime, so I was pleased with the products included in this first product box shipment.  I’ve had the chance to use all three products, and for what it’s worth, here’s my two cents.

The Strawberry-Mint lip balm is nowhere to be found on the Julep website right now, so I can’t point you to it, which is a shame because it’s a really nice product.  Very emollient and moisturizing, with a yummy scent.  The only problem is that it’s flavored, so it’s hard not to eat it off!  Heavy with shea butter, it goes on with a bit of shine, more-so than your average chapstick.  I have no idea how much this product costs on it’s own, but if the price is right I’d definitely purchase it again.

Glycolic Hand ScrubThe Glycolic Hand Scrub is reminiscent of the grand-daddy of scrubs, St. Ives Apricot Scrub.  But this scrub utilizes both apricot seeds and glycolic acid to exfoliate, and the fragrance, rather than being apricot, is a wonderfully light floral scent with a top note of jasmine.  Although designed for hands, this scrub is gentle enough to use all over your body, face included.  I can’t say that this scrub, while in use, struck me as that different than other seed scrubs, but boy oh boy my hands felt soft after using it.  The price is pretty steep on this product, $23.00 for 3 oz (unless you’re a Maven, then it’s $18.40), and I’m not sure I’d pay that much when you can get a scrub at Target for MUCH less.  But this scrub is sulfate and paraban free, and truly does feel a bit more luxurious than it’s drug store counterparts, and I can’t argue with how soft it left my hands.  If you’re not interested in becoming a Maven, but want to earn some points for purchasing, you can pick the Julep Glycolic Hand Scrub up from Sephora.

The Rock Star Hand Creme also has the same lovely floral scent as the hand scrub.  If you’re not a floral scent fan, you probably want to skip it.  The creme contains an emollient blend of shea butter, glycerin, coconut oil, and vitamin E.  It wears a bit greasy, but for my dry hands that’s OK.  Again, it’s a pricey product ($20), and I feel there are comparable hand cremes out there that cost less, but it’s a fun treat!  One of the only complaints I have is the “no mess” twist cap.  It’s not been a big mess, but it’s not been “no” mess.  When you twist the cap to close it, the small bit of lotion left on the inside of the cap is pushed out.  I didn’t realize this was happening when I first started using it, and I was finding little blobs of the lotion on counters I had set the lotion down on.  I now know give the cap a quick wipe once I close it.

If you’re looking for some relief for winter weary hands, I’d recommend buying the Glycolic Hand Scrub and Rock Star Hand Creme as a set.  It would make a great gift for woman in your life that likes to pamper her hands.  If you want to try one product over the other, definitely go with the scrub.  I truly felt results from it, and if you’re sensitive to florals, the scrub only leaves a very light fragrance behind.

Fore more information on the Julep Maven subscription, click here.

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