Jonathan Dirt Texturizing Paste Review


Two weeks ago I reviewed Beauty Army’s February offerings, but I held off on trying the Jonathan Dirt Texturizing Paste ($26) because I don’t have the hair for it. So I tapped sisters Marci and Kris, who both have short hair, to try this product and tell me what they thought.

What kind of hair do you have (length, thickness, texture)? What do you find to be your biggest hair problem?

K: My hair is pretty short, 2-3 inches on the back and sides with longer bangs. It’s fairly thick but quite fine and straight. My biggest hair problem is getting some texture and separation. I think stylists call it giving some teeth to the hair?

M: I have chin length hair, fine and naturally curly but a lot of it.

How did you use this product in your hair?

K: I used it on dry hair. Scrunched and rubbed it into the hair.

M: I took about a dime-size dollop and rubbed it between my hands, then applied to the ends of dried hair.

What was the effect?

K: It did a good job of giving some substance and definition to my hair.

M: It quickly helped to define the curls and wasn’t too heavy. The definition stayed all day.

What is your evaluation of this product?

K: I liked the scent. I wish it didn’t have to be so stiff (although I know most texturizers are). I would recommend it and would use it again. It worked well and smelled good.

M: I thought the scent was a bit smoky, not really pleasant, or what I’m used to. The texture was extremely thick and tacky even after rubbing between my hands. Once I applied it I liked the product much better.

Thanks Kris and Marci! A good resource for those wondering how to style short hair to give it texture and volume, the following video is by the maker of Jonathan Dirt Texturizing Paste. Although he uses an array of Jonathan products in the video, I’m sure you could substitute whatever you have at home, or cheaper versions at the drugstore if you didn’t want to go buy the whole line. What’s most helpful is knowing the type of product to put in your hair, at what stage of styling, and then how to use tools or your hands to get the look you desire.

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