St. Patrick’s Day Nail Art

St. Patrick’s Day is this coming Sunday. To celebrate, we’re giving you some examples of fabulous green nail art. First, my attempt at a manicure with glitter gradient.



The polishes I used in this manicure are from left: Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat; Sinful Colors Call You Later (more on this in a bit); Revlon Minted; and Sinful Colors Exotic Green.



So, I didn’t photograph my process for this particular manicure because I’m still trying to figure out how best to do it. But I’m happy with this first try. What I did was apply two coats of Sinful Colors Exotic Green all fingers except the ring, which has two coats of Revlon Minted. Waited until my nails were mostly dry, then applied Sinful Colors Call Me Later as the gradient…unfortunately I can’t find this polish anywhere for sale online, even though I only bought it a couple months ago. Try Walgreens in store–there’s where I found mine. (**Update–just dashed over to my local Walgreens, and they do have it in store, retailing for a mere $1.99.) It’s a really beautiful gold and green glitter polish. Not many out there like it but this Dolce and Gabbana Stromboli is a darker version.



To apply the gradient on the dark green nails, I took a small amount of the glitter polish, dabbed it along the cuticle edge of the nail, then dragged small pieces halfway down the nail. Waited a few minutes, applied more polish at the cuticle, dragged not quite as far as before, and so on, about three times for each nail, plus extra touch ups at the cuticle to make sure the polish was nice and thick up top. This creates a gradient look where the glitter dissipates in thickness and sparkle as you go down the nail. I did the reverse for the lighter colored nail, and it took more work and care because the contrast was great between the glitter color and the base color. I topped with regular clear polish, waited an hour, then topped with a fast drying clear polish. Because of the layers of polish and the chunkiness of the glitter, you have to be extra patient waiting for all of it to dry. This video uses a similar technique to what I’ve described, though she uses different types of glitter polish for a more complex look.

I was skeptical of this look before I tried it, but I love, love, love it. It’s so unusual, and I especially love the beauty of the green and gold glitter against the minty green nail on the ring finger.


If glitter isn’t your deal, maybe a water marble manicure is more up your alley. A fun resource on YouTube is the channel SimpleLittlePleasures. Nail art creator Colette has uploaded hundreds of video tutorials showing how to make designs that look almost airbrushed onto the nail using little more than a cup of water, nail polish and a stick. Here’s a great one for creating a four-leaf clover water marble manicure.


Another fun how-to video from TotallyCoolNails shows a more involved manicure that requires nail brushes, dotting tools…and a steady hand. Not sure my skills are there yet, but it’s so fun to watch how this design is created!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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  1. Amber Dillon says:

    That water tutorial is amazing! I really want to try that.