Favorite One Piece Swimsuits of 2013

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Whether you actually like swimming or not, you likely own a bathing suit or two.  It’s a required piece of clothing for a girl.  Even if you’re just lounging in the sun, donning a swimsuit that is in sync with your style can make you feel confident in a piece of clothing that might bear parts of your body you’re usually trying to hide.  And for those of us that are “abdominal” challenged, there is a trend happening this year that should work in our favor.  One pieces are gaining steam.  Vintage cuts in bathing suits have slowly been creeping into the popular fashion mainstream over the past year, and fuller coverage is becoming steadily more trendy.  For those of you exhibitionists, fear not!  There are still plenty of skimpy suits to be had.  But for the woman that prefers a more modest cut, your options are expanding.

Here are a few of our favorite one pieces.  And make sure to check back in tomorrow for some two piece picks from Beth!

Ester Williams Beach Blanket Bingo One Piece in Red & Soft Black – $89.99
Esther Williams Beach Blanket Bingo One Piece

. . .

Of course, one of the premiere retailers to find a fun retro inspired suit would be ModCloth.  If you have a super funky style, you’re likely going to find a suit that speaks to you.  The Beach Blanket Bingo suit shown above is so very 50’s.  It’s a top rated suit on ModCloth, and it’s offered in regular and plus sizes.  I actually think it kind of looks better on the curvy girl myself.  The coverage and ruching is perfect for a fuller figure, and the polka dots keep it from getting frumpy.  Your inner Gidget will definitely approve.


Lauren by Ralph Lauren Crochet One Piece – $116
Lauren by Ralph Lauren Crochet One Piece

. . .

Now this is a suit to be seen in.  Perfect for lounging by a pool at a resort, or pair it with a maxi skirt at a beach side restaurant.  This beautiful crocheted suit is chock full of stunning details.  And perfect for a little belly cover up, if that’s all you’re looking for. Very sexy, but still somewhat modest with the high neck.  Love that the crochet continues onto the full coverage rear of the suit.  If you buy this suit, please drink a fabulous cocktail while wearing it.  Sold by Zappos, yay for free shipping and returns!


Clover Canyon One Piece – $174
Clover Canyone One Piece

. . .

Sold by SHOPBOP, this suit from Clover Canyon utilizes a really stylish patchwork graphic, with a shimmering coating layered over.  This suit is only available in XS and S, but this a great example of edgy fabric patterns taking a pretty plain cut and transforming it into a very eye catching statement piece.  Doesn’t look to have the best support, so it’s probably best for B cups and under.


J. Crew Donut Dot Ring Tank – $98
J. Crew Donut Dot Ring Tank

. . .

This sweet tank suit from J. Crew comes with two sets of removable straps, so you can take them off while laying down, but reattach them when more support is needed.  Padding (which is removable) and boning at the sides will also help support.  The multicolored dots on navy is pretty classic, and should stay in style for years to come.


Bare Necessities Freya – $88
Bare Necessities Freya

. . .

Sexy, yet supportive.  That’s the name of the game with this Bare Necessities suit.  Sizes are listed by UK bra size (there’s a conversion chart, and cup sizes don’t change until you get up into the double D’s), so it’s a guaranteed fit up top.  Sounds like the bottom half of the suit increases with the bra cup sizing, so if you’re a petite girl with a “blessed” top half, you might find this suit to run too big.  The skinny belt is a fun retro touch, and will emphasize your smallest part.


Madewell Tank Suit in Woodblock – $110
Madewell Tank Suit in Woodblock

. . .

The bold graphic woodblock print on this suit is really what makes it.  The woodblock print is modern, yet from afar it almost has a bit of a tribal look within the blocks.  Padding looks minimal, so it might not be suited (ha!) for larger chested ladies.  Love that bronze and turquoise necklace the suit is paired with on the model.  A very chic look.  Which brings up the point, treat your suit like other clothing in your wardrobe, and accessorize with jewelry!  You can always remove it while you’re laying out, but you’ll be glad you have it if you head to a bar for an impromptu frosty beverage after a day in the sun.


Mileti Banded One Piece – $69.30 ($172)
Mileti Banded One Piece

. . .

This beautiful suit, sold through Bluefly at a significant discount, features ribbon like bands in all the right places.  It’s listed as a strapless, but obviously comes with a detachable strap.  Also available in olive with black banding, but that color combo is only available in size L.  The blue on blue combo is available in S, M, and L.  Very striking.


Ugly Duckling Gal Angel Black & White One Piece – $169
Ugly Duckling Gal Angel One Piece

. . .

I just love this suit.  Super simple, yet so stylish.  Offered by Etsy retailer Ugly Duckling Gal Angel (that name is as fun as the suit!), you can also get it in a red, blue, or green and white combo.  The black and white is my favorite though.  This Etsy retailer is located in Tel Aviv, but ships worldwide.  That’s a risk, because returns are not likely to be easy.  Very detailed measurements are given for sizing though, so if you were to take the plunge (I’m on a roll!), the suit would likely work out.

If you’re in the market for a suit this year, have fun shopping for it!  And make sure to check back tomorrow, when Beth shares her picks for her favorite two pieces!

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