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Yesterday the high temperature where I live was 70 degrees.  70 DEGREES!  We’re back down in the 50’s today, normal springtime temps in this part of the Pacific Northwest, but yesterday was proof that spring is definitely booting old man winter out the door.  This has me very excited for dresses.  I like wearing dresses during the winter, but a pair of thick tights are required.  And I’m more of a feel the breeze on my legs kind of girl.  Yesterday Last Call launched a 50% off select dresses event, buy they have some pretty dang cute spring dresses that aren’t on sale, but are still worth mentioning.  The 50% off dress sale runs online through 3/19/13, 8am CT.  Use code LCMAR75 for free shipping at $75.  Here’s a few of our favorites.


Denim Architectural-Neckline Dress – $79
Denim Architectural-Neckline Dress

. . .

What a fun statement dress for spring!  Only available in the color shown, which is Apple, but that color is perfect for a spring ready closet.  This would make a great Derby party dress.  At at $79, it hits that free shipping threshold.  Not part of the 50% off sale, but a great looking dress that had to be included.  Pair with some chunky drop earrings and slingbacks for a stylish look.


Cutout Back Mix-Print Peplum Dress – $69.50 ($139)
Cutout Back Mix-Print Peplum Dress

. . .

How adorable is this dress?  Even with that small cutout in the back, the coverage is good.  Bra strap should be covered, and any love handles (as long as they are not out of control) should be covered as well.  Black, white, and peplum.  Perfect for this spring season!  This one is part of the 50% off sale.  And the price is almost at the shipping threshold, so just pop over to the clearance section and add on some fudge to eat in celebration of your new dress, then shipping will be free!  Yes, there really is fudge in the clearance section.


Taylor Daisy-Print Fit-and-Flare Party Dress – $109
Taylor Daisy-Print Fit-and-Flare Party Dress

. . .

This is labeled as a party dress, but you could just wear this out and about on a spring day if you wanted to.  Why not?  And I’m sure you’d turn some heads!  There are some fancy details to the dress, like the pleats at the waist, and embroidery on the shoulder straps.  I’m in love with the golden yellow color that accents the dress (or does the white accent the yellow?).  A truly beautiful springtime frock.


Belted Shirtdress in Teal or Black – $64.50 ($129)
Belted Shirtdress

. . .

A different take on the shirtdress, this version can be dressed up a bit more due to the pleats and style of the collar.  It has a placket with one toggle loop that connect to a small button (you can see the small dot on her chest, that’s the button).  Since both color available pair beautifully with yellow, why not take some liberties with your purse or shoes?


Alexia Admor Cutout-Back Beaded Dress – $134.50 ($269)
Alexia Admor Beaded Dress

. . .

Can’t you just picture a girl in the 1920’s, strolling on a seaside promenade in some low heeled Mary Jane’s, a cloche hat, and this dress?  It somehow reminds me of bathing suits of the early 1900’s.  Probably due to the beaded stripes along the bottom.  The colors in the dress are definitely reminiscent of a bygone era.  Very sweet.


Donna Morgan Tory Mock-Wrap Dress – $54.50 ($109)
Donna Morgan Torey Mock Wrap Dress

. . .

This fun faux wrap dress has a completely mid-century modern abstract feel.  Yes, you would make Picasso proud in this little number.  It can be paired with multiple jewelry and shoe options, since there are several colors and patterns included in the fabric print.  I would pair it with some navy or tan wedge sandals, and some gold jewelry to bring out the tans and yellows.  But if you’re not a fan of gold, silver jewelry would pick up all those blue tones.

The Last Call 50% off dress sale ends online 3/19/13 at 8am.  Happy shopping!

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