Would You Dare To Wear The Triple Moonball Ring?

Featured Photo provided by Fab.com

DESiGNERiCA Triple Moonball Ring in Steel or Gold

Triple Moonball Ring

First things first, is that thing comfortable?  From the Fab.com website:

“One of DESiGNERiCA’s most popular pieces, the Triple Moonball Ring is seemingly magical, prompting people to wonder just how it stays on your hand. In fact, the moonballs rest on a comfortable U shaped ring, and look as if they float between your fingers.”

Part of the Fab.com Weekend Jewelry Sale, the Steel version is on sale for $35.75 ($60 retail), and the gold is running $47.75 ($80 retail).  So, assuming this ring is actually comfortable, would you dare to wear it?

3 Responses to “Would You Dare To Wear The Triple Moonball Ring?”
  1. Amber Dillon says:

    I kinda like that :)

  2. Ehhh I don’t know about that. I like the idea, but the little holes give me the creeps and it looks like some sort of weird growth.

  3. Deb Dustin says:

    I would wear that ring in a heartbeat. Awesome.