March Makeup Madness – Sarah’s Benched Players

In honor of March Madness, the ladies of full clutch are reviewing the cosmetics that make up their “teams”.  Featured photo credit.

Most players don’t want to be on the bench.  Their passion is their sport, and they want to be playing.  I can’t say the same for makeup, since it’s, you know, inanimate and all.  BUT, most of us girls have these benched players in our lineup.  That eye shadow that you purchased last year for that holiday party but has since disappeared into the crevasses of one of your bathroom drawers?  Benched.  That lip gloss you fell in love with for a week, but somehow ended up living in an old purse in your closet?  Benched.  Or maybe, as in my case, you dug out your benched players only to find you have way more makeup brushes than you realized?  Perhaps unintentionally benched.  But benched all the same.  These are the cosmetics or tools that for whatever reason, have fallen out of rotation.  Or, you know you have them, but just don’t care to use them everyday.  The last two days Beth and I shared our starting lineups (click here and here), and now we’re onto our benched players.  It’s good to check in on these players every once in a while, you might find you have a star performer in the mix!  Or, you might just have a player you need to part ways with.  Whatever the case, it was time to take a look at our benched makeup.  Today is my turn, tomorrow Beth will share hers, and Friday we share our draft picks.


Sarah’s Benched Players

Sarah's Benched Players

1.  Multiple Makeup Brushes – How the heck have I gathered so many makeup brushes without ever having purchased a makeup brush set before?  I guess they’ve just been building up without my realizing it.  And score!  I can switch out the brushes I’ve probably been using for far too long.  Wait, would that make these drafts?  I’m confused.

2.  Fresh Minerals Mineral Makeup – I know, who is Fresh Minerals?  Basically a good bare Minerals knockoff that was being clearanced out at a local grocery/department store.  I think the store stopped carrying the brand, so starter kits were on clearance for around $20.  I gave it a shot, and was pleasantly surprised by the quality.  I benched this product over the winter due to dry skin, but I’m sure it will see much more play during the summer months.

3.  e.l.f. Mineral Blush – $5  I really like this mineral blush from e.l.f.  Again, it was benched due to powder not being my best friend during the winter months.  This girl has already started to come back out to play, and my cheeks are rosier for it.

4.  Fresh Minerals Mineral Loose Eye Shadow – These products came in the starter kit purchased on clearance.  Loose powder eye shadow can be tricky, one wrong move and your cheeks are covered in it.  But, they have such beautiful shimmer to them, I brave the danger and wear them on occasion.  Very pretty.

5.  ModelCo Fibre Lashextend Mascara – $24  Beth actually reviewed this product last year, we both received a sample in our Birchbox shipments.  I didn’t quite get the fiber action, and I was concerned that the fibers would end up falling off my lashes and onto my face throughout the day (as Birchbox reviewers have said has happened).  Might be time to let this one go.

6.  Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil – $19  Only benched because my Rimmel eyeliner is still going strong.  Will definitely be drafted in at some point.

7.  Starlet Intense Eyeliner – I received this eyeliner in an Ipsy bag.  Again, it’s waiting in the wings due to Rimmel, but I’m more excited about the Urban Decay liner, so I’m not sure if this product will ever get to play.  Plus, the reviews on Ipsy were less than favorable.

8.  Revlon Colorstay Eye Shadow Palette in Seductive – $5.99  Purple works well with my hazel eyes, but I don’t wear it that often.  I’m glad to have this palette when the purple bug bites, but it’s not something I go to everyday.

9.  Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss – $33  This gloss is moisturizing and long lasting, but the price tag is painful.  I only have a little sample tube from Birchbox, and my purse got a little too crowded, so it was moved into the back hole that is my second makeup bag.  The color I received, Charm, is perfect for daytime wear, and looks great over a little color.  I don’t think I can bring myself to pay for a full size tube, but it is a fabulous gloss.

There are also a few benched players in one of my drawers that I am very excited to bring back in the game, my Julep polish collection!  During winter I like to let my nails breath a bit, but come warmer temps, my tootsies will be rocking some fun colors.

Benched Footer

Stay tuned tomorrow for Beth’s benched players, and tell us about yours in the comments!

2 Responses to “March Makeup Madness – Sarah’s Benched Players”
  1. Kelly says:

    Ah! A bit envious of your plethora of Julep polishes!! Beautiful!!
    Enjoyed reading about “benching” makeup. I have a lot of makeup “benched” as well. It might be time to toss them if they have been opened and sitting for a while. Spring cleaning! Plus it makes room for more 😉