Guilty Pleasures: Workout Videos Aplenty

 “I have almost every single workout series from Beach Body – Power 90, P90X, Turbo Jam, Slim in 6, Insanity.  I also have Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred video, and others that I can’t think of. “

Shaun T knows abs

This from a friend in response to an e-mail sent out last month about guilty pleasures.  My question is, why?  Why the urge to buy all these different workouts?  I understand it.  I have it.  Coming across an infomercial for the latest and greatest workout dazzles me.  I become mesmerized by the pounding rhythms, perfectly toned bodies moving in unison, before & after testimonials and pictures, complimentary diet guide included with purchase, and specials offers for anyone that calls within the next 15 minutes.  And I think to myself, “why can’t my abs get that ripped?”.  Really, why not?  The thing is, I’ve not succumb to any of these pitches, so I’ve not tested it out.   And, I like chocolate.  A lot.

Something these workouts offer is the ability to work out alone, at home, in any clothes you want.  No one is watching you (that cat better keeps it’s smart mouth shut).  That in and of itself can be detrimental though.  You’re less likely to give up if you’re actually working out in a group environment, because you don’t want to be the first one to quit.  But still, it’s nice to be able to take a break and not feel like you’re being scrutinized by the perky people that have magical, bottomless supplies of energy.  It’s also nice to be able to learn new routines in private.  I was at a “deep dance” class not too long ago, and purposefully stood towards the back so people would be spared my uncoordinated attempt to follow the moves.

Dance it off!

Another benefit to buying workouts the likes of Zumba Fitness Exhilarate, Belly Dance For Beginners, or The Samba Reggae Workout (WAIT!  I have that one!) is the one time cost to purchase it.  No monthly fee to feel guilty about paying when you’re not fully taking advantage of your gym membership.  Money can be a great motivator though, and not wasting that payment may be the shove you need to get you out the door and exercising.  I think the key really is to just find what works for you.  If having an insanely stocked library of at home workouts, old and new, is what gets your blood pumping, then buy on my friend.

Or you could just do what this guy does.  Kid required.



If you’re interested in trying a short version of a Shaun T workout, here you go.  It’s only 15 minutes long, but that’s all he needs to kick your a@%.

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  1. Kelly says:

    That video was awesome!