The Search for Softer Feet

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It’s the transition period between thick socks and bare feet, boots and sandals. My feet get pretty gnarly in the winter, even when I’m diligent about moisturizing. I really hate exfoliating my feet–it’s gross and time-consuming. So I’ve been looking for alternatives to getting rid of hard, dry skin without paying for a professional pedicure. About a month ago I was in Target and I spotted these¬†Earth Therapeutics Pedi-Jams Sole Softening Gel Booties – $9.96.


The booties are cotton on the outside, but the inside bottom and part of the top is lined with a gel, similar to Dr. Scholl’s insoles. You’re supposed to wear the booties at least 2-3 times per week, and they eventually moisturize the bottoms and sides of the feet because the gel is infused with moisturizing properties.


I wore them almost every day for two weeks, usually for an hour or two at a time in the evenings before bed. The first three or four times I wore them my feet definitely felt softer for a day or two afterwards. But within the first week, that effect wore off. They felt soft for maybe an hour after wearing them, and then went back to being rough. Another downside of these booties is that they don’t breathe, of course, because they’re trying to keep moisture in. I tried to wear them overnight several times but my feet got so hot I couldn’t sleep and I had to take them off. So I think these are not the product for me. The issue is probably that I’m trying to moisturize dead skin when I really need to just slough it off. (Side note: is there a grosser word out there than slough? I didn’t think so.)

Last year after reading Sarah’s review of ¬†Julep The Best Pedi Prep Ever! – $18.40 ($23), I ordered the roll-on and foot file to try out for myself. Unfortunately, this product didn’t work very well for me either. I found it hard to get the Pedi Prep out of the roller and onto my foot. I wonder if I just have a dysfunctional roll-on? Anyway, the search for a good exfoliating/moisturizing product continues. Anyone out there have a recommendation for me?

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  1. Natalia says:

    Apply any urea-based foot cream (e.g. Ultimate Healing by Gold Bond) daily and exfoliate with Microplane Colossal pedicure rasp weekly. If the skin is in really bad condition use Be Natural Callus Eliminator (the green bottle they use in salons costs $9 on amazon).