The Express Semi Annual Clearance Sale

I often associate Express with “fun” clothes.  You know, sparkly, tight, trendy, young.  Due to that perception, I will often pass up Express without blinking an eye.  But when there is a good sale to be had, that gets my attention.  And browsing my way through the semi-annual clearance at Express I’ve discovered that they really do offer some great looking garments, that even a woman in her mid-thirties can wear without worry of coming across as desperately trying to hold onto her 20’s (lucky you if you’re in your 30’s, but still look like you’re in your 20’s, so desperation does not matter).  Here are a few items I stumbled upon that would look appropriate at many ages.


Two Strap Heeled Sandal – $23.99 ($49.99)

Express Two Strap Heeled Sandals

This sandal started out at $50, so it’s likely not going to be top quality, but should last through at least a couple summers.  It features a trendy ankle strap, and a 3.5″ heel.  Not the best for traipsing around town in, but perfect for a dinner out with a beau or friends.  Also available in a hot pink and neon yellow.  Size selection is still fairly decent.


Cotton Sateen Columnist Pant – $31.99 ($59.90)

Cotton Sateen Columnist Pant

A barely bootleg pant that will look great in the office (if bright colors are OK by standards), but also look incredible on a casual day.  Roll those hems up a few times to crop them, or keep them long and lean looking rolled down with some high wedges.  Great for a curvier girl that needs some room around the ankle of the pant to balance the top half of her lower body out.


Printed Chiffon Drape Neck Dress – $39.99 ($79.90)

Express Printed Chiffon Drape Neck Dress

A light and airy dress with an elastic waist to show off that figure.  Comes with a tie sash, or you can wear your own belt around it.  The black & white abstract print begs to be paired with some bright pops of color, or you can keep it sleek and simple by pairing it with neutral metals and black sandals.  All sizes available at post time.


Mixed Stone ID Bracelet – $7.99 ($22.90)

Mixed Stone ID Bracelet

I just love the retro look of this bracelet.  The ID plate reminds me of the 20’s, yet that thick chain is very industrial.  It’s 8″ long, but you could easily shorten this bracelet if needed.  A very fun layering piece!


French Placket Tux Tail Blouse – $23.99 ($39.90)

French Placket Tuxedo Tail Shirt

Is it a requirement that you throw your shirt tails back when you sit down, as a man would with a tux?  I doubt it.  but I think the shirt can be tucked in should you want to hide them.  If you have a really long torso it might not tuck well in the front.  But if you have the torso of Thumbelina, as I do, you should be fine.  Also available in black and cobalt blue.  Sizes are scattered, but still pretty good.


Colorblock Faceted Turn Lock Satchel – $31.99 ($69.90)

Colorblock Faceted Turnlock Satchel

At 15 inches wide and 11″ high, this satchel is a great one for the workplace.  The only strap is that top handle, so it’s not as functional as  a shoulder bag, but you can fit a lot in it, and it’s high on style.  With a clean, retro look, and a dash of girly with the faceted turn lock, this bag would make a great addition to a professionals wardrobe.

The Express Semi Annual Clearance runs through 4/13/13.  Shipping is a flat $8, unless you reach a total of $125 in your cart, then it’s free.  Returns are free to any Express store.  You can also take advantage of these ongoing promotions at Express:

Men’s & Women’s Shorts – Buy 1, Get 1 $29.90
Men’s & Women’s Jeans – Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off
Women’s Dress Pants – Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off

Happy Shopping!

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