Kickstarter: SCRATCH Nail Wraps

Most of you are probably familiar with Kickstarter, but for those who aren’t, Kickstarter is a website where entrepreneurs, designers, and artists with creativity and drive but little access to start-up funds can get their projects kickstarted. If you pledge, say, $1 for a project, then you’re giving that money out of the goodness of your heart. But if you pledge a heftier sum, depending on the project, you get something in return, whether that’s a keychain, t-shirt, or if the project is an actual product, you may receive the product itself. No one is charged for their donation until the project meets its goal dollar amount. More details can be found here.

Entreprenuer Chelsea Kent signed on to Kickstarter for her company Scratch, which uses the talents of different designers to make alternative nail wraps. What does this mean? Nail wraps that don’t suck. Forgive me, but I’ve rarely seen a nail wrap design that I found attractive–leopard spots, neon hearts, zebra stripes–no thanks. To be fair, I love the process of painting my nails so much I don’t like surrendering that by using wraps. But. I really love the look of Scratch’s designs. Check out a few below:


And on the nail:


Fun, right? I especially love that Peter Pan collar. Just darling.

Here’s the breakdown of what you can get at different pledge levels:

  • $6–Nail file
  • $9–Nail file, cuticle stick, and one nail wrap (they’ll pick the design for you)
  • $19–Nail file, cuticle stick, and two nail wraps (you get to pick both designs)
  • $25–Nail file, cuticle stick, and three nail wraps (pick one of the designer “lines” and you get all three wraps from that line)

There are actually quite a few pledge levels, all the way up to $500 where you get to design your own wrap and get 50 of them to distribute among friends and family. This week full clutch pledged $19 to get two wraps to try out and report back to our readers. Scratch says they’ll get it out to us by May (though this date can vary depending on production issues). We’re looking forward to receiving our wraps…stay tuned for a review next month!

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