Review New York Streets Dry Shampoo

Two weeks ago during March Makeup Madness I drafted New York Streets Dry Shampoo, a sprayable product that came in my March Beauty Army shipment. Dry Shampoo has never been a home run for me–even if it takes the grease out of my hair, I still find it hard to work with the hair that’s left, since it’s not quite dirty, not quite clean. Anyway, I’ve been washing my hair every other day for about two weeks now, and using the dry shampoo on the days I don’t wash. Here’s my hair without washing:



If this is hard for you to look at, it’s harder for me to post. I HATE having dirty hair. I can run around without makeup, no problem, but dirty hair is a real blow to my vanity.



This is a shot of me with the dry shampoo sprayed into the roots. I sprayed in more than usual so that you could see it on film–it’s a fine white powder. I recommend waiting 20 seconds, so that it dries (it comes out in a mist), then take your fingers and work it into the scalp and sort of muss it into your hair. Make various parts all over your head and spray, wait until dry, then muss.



And this is my hair afterwards. You can see I missed a spot on the right upper side of the photo, but look at the difference at the roots! Definitely much cleaner looking. I still found my hair hard to style. It didn’t look quite right up, didn’t look quite right down. I think I just need practice. I did just find the video below that gives some useful tips on using dry shampoo. This stylist uses it in more areas on the head that I’ve been doing, and she also blow dries afterwards which might make a difference.



Overall, very impressed with this brand of dry shampoo, far and away the best I’ve ever used. AND, I want to give a big kudos to Beauty Army who sent me a HUGE bottle of this in my shipment. Definitely not a sample size, but a full size product. Way to go Beauty Army!

4 Responses to “Review New York Streets Dry Shampoo”
  1. Rose says:

    My hair is exactly like yours in the top photo when I don’t wash it everyday as well, this looks like an awesome product! I recently purchased a Batiste dry shampoo from urban outfitters so after that can is done I will definitely try this one!

  2. Amber Dillon says:

    Wow, that’s quite an “after” photo! I’ve been using Suave’s version, and I like it ok. But, as you said, it is hard to style afterward. I’ll have to try blow drying it as well.