Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Cream Review

Though Lush may be old news to many of you, I discovered this brand of fun shower and beauty products this past December. I instantly fell in love with the wide variety of products, the fun and witty packaging, and the unique scents. I recently was gifted another Lush product that I’m happy to be able to share with you: Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Cream – $16.95. (How great is that name, by the way–Lemony Flutter?)



This product’s main purpose is moisturizing cuticles, but it also claims to be good for dry, rough patches of skin, especially on the foot. I’ve been rubbing the cream onto my cuticles at night, and also onto the tops of my fingers and hands, which tend to get dry and a little flaky.



The consistency of this product is nice. It’s oily, but it’s hard to avoid that in a cuticle cream. It absorbs quickly–within a minute or two the shine and oil have completely soaked into the skin. Scent is great too–mainly lemony, but with a hint of coconut and flowers so that the citrus isn’t too overwhelming.



You get a really substantial amount of product for the price, considering how little you need to use on your fingers. The amount shown above is much more than you’d use at a single time on two hands. Another bonus to buying Lush products is that if you bring in five empties (of eligible containers–they’re labeled), you get a free mask! I’m really intrigued by the masks. They’re only sold in stores because they’re so fresh and full of natural ingredients they’ll “spoil” if they’re not kept in the fridge.

Bottom line: Great product, I look forward to using more from the Lush line!

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