Springtime is Maxi Time!

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Maxi length skirts and dresses have their benefits in any season.  During fall and winter, they cover your legs and add warmth (but still need to be worn with tights or leggings underneath).  In summer, they can keep your legs cool while providing protection from the sun.  But in springtime, you get the combined benefits of the cooler and warmer seasons.  Length and coverage to keep you a bit warmer while temps can still be cool, and protection for vulnerable skin that has been shielded from the sun all winter.  Plus, on a nice day, you can just hike that skirt up while lounging to get a little extra sun if wanted.  All this with the added benefit of being stylish!  Here are a few of our current favorites, with dresses first and skirts following…


Ecote Embroidered Gauze Maxi Dress – $89
Ecote Embroidered Gauze Maxi Dress

. . .

Urban Outfitters clothing can lean small, probably due to the general audience they have shopping there (teenage girls that have yet to develop hips).  And sometimes the clothes can lean a bit too trendy for my personal taste, but I love this gauze dress from Ecote.  The embroidery is reminiscent of south american weaving, and the bands of black and orange break the long expanse of natural gauze apart.  You could totally layer a tank underneath for more coverage, and the shoulder straps are adjustable.  Very pretty.


Wallis Petite Coral Flower Maxi Dress – $52 ($70)
Wallis Petite Coral Flower Maxi Dress

. . .

Here’s a pretty dress for the petite ladies.  Love the keyhole detailing in the front AND back.  It’s comprised of viscose and elastane, and is machine washable.  I’ve never shopped the Wallis brand before, but the close up on the fabric looks to be a nice weave.  Use code WALLIS30 for free shipping on purchases over $30.


Mossimo® Womens Kimono Maxi Dress – $24.99
Mossimo Kimono Maxi Dress

. . .

The Mossimo Kimono Dress sold by Target, whether knee length or maxi, is a great staple for any wardrobe, and is flattering to many figures.  You can change the look of the dress with printed camisoles underneath, belts, shoes, scarves, jewelry.  The kimono dress truly is a base palette that allows you to play with different looks.  You can even get the dress in stripes, chiffon, or high-low.


Arden B. Bias Stripe Maxi Skirt – $49
Arden B. Bias Stripe Maxi Skirt

. . .

Can you say comfortable?  You’ve got to love those fold over waistbands for their comfort, and their camouflaging capabilities.  This skirt is made of rayon and spandex, so it will be a clinger.  But you can make it sit as low or as high on your waist as you like.  Just beware the pantie line.   Also comes in a small stripe in a bright coral.  And if it comes with that flat belly, I’ll take one in every color!


Sparkle & Fade Side Slit Crushed Silky Maxi Skirt – $59
Sparkle & Fade Side Slit Crushed Silky Maxi Skirt

. . .

A perfect pastel hue for this spring season.  And another great offering from Urban Outfitters (I think I need to stop into my local store soon!).  The sheen to the silk of this skirt allows it to be dressed up some.  But be careful of what occasion you wear it too, those slits go  up pretty high!  The one review on the website isn’t great, but that is just one person.  I think you can take it with a grain of salt.


Christin Michaels Iva Maxi Skirt – $59
Christin Michaels Iva Maxi Skirt

. . .

There’s a lot going on pattern wise with this skirt, but the color palette is very neutral, allowing several color options for a solid top.  Looks like the waist is elastic, so if you know elastic waists don’t look the best on your body, skip it.  You can always disguise that elastic waist with a more structured button up blouse, or peplum though.  Sold through Zappos, so shipping and returns are…FREE!

Happy Shopping!

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