Would you dare to wear a floral blazer?

Florals have been a big trend in fashion–in jewelry, on hosiery and blouses, pants and skirts, scarfs, and now even jackets. Floral blazers. Two trends for the price of one. I myself am undecided on this trend, though I do tend to prefer the smaller prints, like these below:


                             From left: Liberty Schoolboy Blazer – $159.99 ($225); Philosophy One Button floral Blazer – $49.99 ($108); Jessica Simpson Printed Open-Front Blazer – $59.25 ($79)

The two blazers on either side look floral up close, but from farther away they could just be a colorful pattern. Not so much with the middle blazer, but I still like the small blossoms and details. Would I wear any of these three? I don’t know. It’s just a lot of look. Maybe my mine issue with the floral blazer is that it’s not classic. It looks trendy, it looks of-the-minute, and I tend to gravitate towards more timeless looks. This blazer is more up my alley, but you’ll note that the flower print is pretty restrained. Taking the trend even further are the big floral prints on blazers:



                    From left: A Wear Digital Floral Blazer – $99.75; Jones New York Floral-Print Blazer – $124.99 ($169); Elementz Three-Quarter-Sleeve Floral-Print Blazer – $36.99 ($54)

This is serious. Huge blossoms and foliage–up close or from afar, there’s no mistaking that these are FLOWERS. I couldn’t wear any of these–it’s just not my look. It reminds me too much of couch upholstery. But I’d love to know what other fashionistas think. Is this a look you’ve been loving? Do you already own a floral blazer? Are you in the market for one?

Would dare to wear it?

One Response to “Would you dare to wear a floral blazer?”
  1. Sarah says:

    The most appealing blazer to me on the page is that Liberty School Boy blazer from JCrew. Floral is tough, because it gets so busy so fast. Think I’ll stick to a floral scarf for the season, that way I’m not blowing a lot of money on a nice piece of clothing I might not want to wear next year. Love it when a girl pulls of floral with gusto though!