A love letter to Earth

featured photo credit: NASA

Dear Earth,

It’s your day today.  April 22.  Hopefully you’re not offended, hearing that only one day is dedicated to you, when everyday is your day.  And in the world of style, you truly are celebrated everyday, even though most of us don’t think about that.  Without you though, style would be nowhere.

For example, just look at cotton!  A natural fiber that comes from a plant that, without you, wouldn’t exist.  And even synthetic fibers start their lives as a substance we extract from you.  Oil makes a lot possible for us humans, from the garments created on one side of the world and delivered to the other, to the plastics on jewelry, belts, buttons, purses.  The rubber tree provides those rubber soles for our shoes.  Botanicals create the bases for the beauty products we rely on day in and day out.

Orange flower, Orange heel

Inspired by poppies and icicles?

Shoes by Heels.com

And what about the prints and colors we love about fashion?  Floral prints are quite the rage right now, and those wouldn’t exist without you.  Tropical fish and sunsets were wearing bright neon’s long before we decided it was fashionable.  Soothing pastels and dynamic primaries, you’ve been dressing yourself in these from the beginning!  We just got smart and figured out how to transpose those colors onto different objects of style.

You are surrounding us with beauty everyday, and we try our best to consolidate the information you provide and adorn ourselves with the same.  Sometimes we can go overboard, but somehow that never happens with you.  The beauty you reflect always seems just right, and when we draw on that inspiration, we are capable of creating some extraordinary things.  Fortunately we always have you to consult for guidance, even if it’s just turning our gaze upward to a patch of cerulean blue sky.

Blue Sky, Blue Dress

I see skies of blue, dresses that fit right…

Dress by Jones New York

We’re sorry that we can mistreat you so easily, but are thankful that your beauty is so resilient.  Please keep on inspiring us to explore, observe, ponder, and create.  Our lives, stylistically, and otherwise, are full of color because of you!

Rock on Earth, rock on.

What trends “of the earth” are your favorites?  Leave it in the comments!

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