Skinn Cosmetics Review

A big trend in cosmetics is one product that can be used in multiple ways (for instance NARS The Multiple for eyes, cheeks, and lips or Illamasqua Illuminator for cheeks, under eyes, or parts of the body like the collarbone). Today we have just such a product up for review, one that I received in my Beauty Army box several months ago.


Skinn Cosmetics Color Touch Eye, Cheek, & Lip Glow – $17


Skinn says you can apply to the cheeks as a blush, to the eyelids as a shadow, or to the lips as a gloss. I only succeeded in 1 out of the 3. It’s a great blush. Excellent consistency–it blends so easily and if you accidentally put too much on, you can easily smudge it off. No shimmer or glitter, just a light color. The color I got, Teen Tone is a basic pink. I have to be careful with this color because it’s a bit too pink for my skin tone–I can end up looking like a china doll. I’d love to try this product in a peachier or browner tone.



Here it is applied to my cheeks, over foundation. Not a strong color, just enough to give your face a bit of flush. I swiped my middle finger across the pot, applied to the apple of the cheek, and blended up at angle toward my hairline.



I personally couldn’t use this as a lip gloss. It’s too light–it makes my lips blend into my skin color. Another reviewer noted that it dried out her lips when she tried to use it, and I found the same thing. Also, it’s too oily to wear as a cream shadow–you really need something that dries into a powder with cream shadows, and this doesn’t. Plus, pink eyeshadow without any shimmer or reflective properties is pretty hard to pull off. That said, I still think it’s a good buy for a basic cream blush. You don’t need to use much at all, so I think this pot will last me a long time.

Bottom Line: A light, blendable cream blush, worth the price.

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