Zoya Wednesday Review

If you follow us on Facebook and Twitter (and you should!) you know I was freaking out about Zoya’s Earth Day deal in late April. They were offering 50% off orders for Earth Day, provided you mail back any unwanted, toxic nail polish from other brands. Zoya prides itself on being free from five toxic chemicals (Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP and Camphor). When you send back the toxic nail polishes, they destroy them safely and ethically. What a deal! One of my hauls was Zoya Wednesday – $8.



This is a beautiful blue-green. It’s almost the same shade as a Tiffany blue, but slightly more green, and slightly darker. Definitely more green than the photo above shows (see these images for more accurate color).  Application was a bit streaky after the initial coat, but after 2 coats and one touch-up, it looked beautifully smooth and opaque.



After painting my fingernails, I was inspired to do my toes, also with Zoya Wednesday, but with a twist. I added Orly Va Va Voom – $7.19, which I bought in-store at Sally Beauty Supply.



I think the secret to making my toes look less Flinstone-like is to photograph them with sandals on. So much better, right? I love how this polish looks, especially on the toes (and the color is much more accurate in this photo).



I had to add some polka dots. The blue-green of the Wednesday really makes the Va Va Voom pop. I used my MASH 5 X 2 Way Dotting Tool Set in the second to biggest size to do the dots. I staggered them so that each column of dots had a column next to it with dots in the negative space. That’s the easiest way to get the effect of orderly polka dots.

Definitely loving Zoya Wednesday, and the fact that the company is so environmentally responsible.

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