FC Shoe Review – Lorii by ShoeDazzle

A comfortable wedge is one of the great joys in life. You still get height from the heel, but without the spike of a regular pump heel, you don’t get that uncomfortable pressure point that can cause hip pain (anyone who’s ever suffered from sciatica, holla!). But some wedges can get uncomfortable too. Any heel that’s high enough can make the balls of your feet madder than a cat in a bathtub. The secret is finding that wedge sweet spot. For me, a comfortable all day wedge heel measures in around 2.5″ (there can be a platform, but the heel needs to feel like 2.5). I discovered this wearing the Lorii Wedge from Shoedazzle.

Lorri Profile Inside Post

There’s not much padding to speak of on this wedge, but they’re still surprisingly comfortable. I’ve worn them for several hours at a time, and have never once thought about them, which is a great thing! Everything on the shoe is synthetic, but at $39.95 that is to be expected. Otherwise, there are several points I love about this shoe:

  • The color – It leans towards a honey mustard. Great for adding some color, but neutral enough to wear with many things.  But the shoe is also available in a super cute patent black.
  • The styling – The single strap across the toe is retro, but the double straps with buckles up top give the wedge a bit of a chunkier feel.  I’m also digging the zipper on the back for easy off and on.
  • The cork – Albeit casual, cork is a great look.  Very popular this spring.
  • The comfort – As mentioned before, after hours of wear I never even thought about these shoes being on my feet.

I’m not sure what the shelf life will be for these sandals, but the boots I purchased last year from Shoedazzle and wore all fall and winter are still holding up great. These won’t be shoes you pass down to your children or anything, but I’ve had good luck with the quality from Shoedazzle thus far.

I’d recommend the Lorii as a stylish, comfortable, and affordable wedge sandal for the warmer months. Either color is a great complement to jeans, khakis (classic or colored), and casual dresses. And the benefit from ordering from ShoeDazzle is you earn points for your purchases, and at 1,000 points you earn a $39.95 credit, which would get you these sandals for free! Points add up fast, so don’t be afraid to sign up.

Lorii toe strap inside

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