The Trend: Rose Nail Art

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Lately I’ve seen rose nail art everywhere. It’s all free-hand and it looks like antique wall-paper, which I just love. Sammie from The Nailasaurus describes it as inspired by Cath Kidston, a British designer who makes bags, accessories, and clothing almost exclusively in very feminine floral prints. I can totally see the inspiration in this pattern on an iPhone case.


One of the Scratch Kickstarter nail wraps I ordered is called Vintage Rose, and it has this look:


I think what makes this look so effective is the combination of colors. The baby blue background really offsets the pink and red of the roses.


The Nailasaurus did a Skittle version with mint green colors:


Sammie really gets the rosebuds perfect here. A bit abstract but you can totally tell it’s a flower, and the multiple layers of color work so well. Like the blue background in the Scratch version, the mint makes the pink and red pop. Sammie also did a lavender version in a different style:


If you’re afraid of freehanding the roses, this might be a good place to start–only one rose per nail. It’s much less intimidating than three or four per nail.


The Nailasaurus isn’t the only blog trying out the rose nail art trend. Love Varnish copied The Nailasaurus’ mint rose manicure here. Nailed It was way ahead of the curve and posted this polka dot rose manicure back in August:


Ready to try out this look for yourself? The Nailasaurus made a step-by-step tutorial with pictures. Yay! Post your pics to our Facebook page if you attempt it so we can see how it turned out!

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