FC Review of the May Julep Maven Box

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By now it’s no secret that the style from the earlier part of the last decade is making a roaring (get it?) come back. My theory on this, aside from the Great Gatsby being released theatrically and a lot of people having money tied up in it, is that the 20’s represented something that people in our current day want to return to. Economic prosperity. The 1920’s were a period in our world when the money came easy, the jazz was playing, booze was flowing (behind the backs of authorities) and glamour was the name of the game. It was a glitzy, polished, and a visually beautiful era. The latest box from Julep, from package design to product, really embraced this ideal.

As David Bowie said, years later, Let's Dance.

As David Bowie said, years later, Let’s Dance.

I always love opening the Maven boxes I receive from Julep, but being an art deco geek, this latest one had me at hello. Beautiful black and gold packaging, graphic lines, you could almost here the jazz spilling out of a speakeasy filled with liberated women in their flapper dresses. Alright, perhaps I flourished the description there, but it was a fun box to open. But what about the products contained within?


Rose Bobby Pins

Julep Rose Bobby Pins

I couldn’t readily find these lovely bobby pins on the Julep website, so I think they were just a Maven bonus. The pins are great, because they have enough pinch to hold hair tightly in place, but not so much that you end up with a bald patch when trying to remove them. The antiqued bronze fits right in with the 20’s theme.


New York Jazz Lipstick Trio – $28

Julep New York Jazz Trio

Currently sold out, I had a funny experience with these lipsticks. There are three shades in the package–Tea For Two (nude), Satin Doll (coral), and Lady In Red (think you can figure that one out). Both the Satin Doll and Tea For Two applied fairly lightly, almost akin to a gloss. They have pigmented color, but it’s not super intense. So, expecting the red to apply as a pink that needs to be built up, I started to just slather it on fairly quickly. WHOA! One coat of this stuff will give you a bright red lip. Lovely and vibrant, but I don’t usually wear red lipstick, so it was a shock! A beautiful color for those of you ladies that do wear red. The lipsticks have a matte finish, and all of them have a lovely, faint scent, almost like lemon bars or something. They come in mini packaging, easy to store away in your purse or a pocket.


Sugar Smooch Lip Scrub – $14

Julep Sugar Smooch Lip Scrub

I’m going to save a review of this product for a head to head battle with our current reigning champ–Lush Lip Scrub. I had a chance to pick some Lush Lip Scrub up on a trip to Portland, so next week I’ll pit the heavy weight Lush against this newcomer. As a little teaser I’ll tell you that the Julep Lip Scrub was not what I was expecting…


American Beauty Volumizing Mascara – $24

Julep Volumizing Mascara

The final product in the May Maven box was the American Beauty Volumizing Mascara, which I received in a box last year. Here’s the review from October of 2012.  If you’re looking to dramatically pump up your lashes, this mascara will get that done for you.

Interested in the Julep Maven program?  Just head on over to the website for details.

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