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This week is Mind + Body week on full clutch, and the posts will be all about healthy ways to find your best self and incorporate them into your routine.  Finding the natural point of health for your mind and body can be a tough journey, but one well worth it.  When you’re comfortable in your own skin, finding and building your style can actually be a pleasure!  No matter your size or shape, we hope to leave you with some practical tips for a healthy body and happy mind!

Underwear can sometimes be a pain in the butt (hopefully not literally), but when exercising, a bad pair of underwear can be distracting, and sometimes embarrassing. If you’re constantly pulling your underwear up and yanking out wedgies, people will likely notice. I was having this issue a few months back, so I decided to invest in some underwear made specifically for working out. Wider waistbands, full cut in back, and breathable fabrics. My journey was fraught with joys and terrors, that I will share with you in the hopes of helping you find some comfortable workout underwear if you’re in the market! We’re going to start with the my personal worst, and move on down the line to my personal best. I will mention before I start that I’m 5’2″, weigh in around 132 lbs., and my hips measure about 38″. Some of these underwear reviewed that didn’t work for me, may work better for someone taller and leaner. I found many of these options in a post from Prevention Magazine when I started my search. Onto the picks!


C9 by Champion from Target – less than $20 for a two pack
C9 by Champion

The vice grip of workout underwear

Don’t do it. DON”T DO IT! Run for the hills! These, in my opinion, are just awful. Champion is a good brand, and I’ve had plenty of other garments from them that I love, but these were by far the worst of the bunch for me. I wore them while running, and they were so uncomfortable I was focused on them the entire time. The fabric cut deeply into my hips, and I had a constant wedgie. No fun. These were the most affordable of the bunch, but not worth the savings at all. I couldn’t find these on the Target website, so if you are curious about these you’ll have to check in store. I really wouldn’t recommend them though. If you want a Champion performance underwear, try these highly reviewed hipsters instead.


Moving Comfort Workout Hipster – $18
Moving Comfort Hipster

Getting to know your butt very intimately

I had high hopes for these hipsters from Moving Comfort, but unfortunately there were a no go for me. Truth be told, I didn’t even wear them working out. Slipping them on they feel great! The fabric is really nice, and the waistband is super comfortable. But, in order to give them a quick test, I started jogging in place. That brought it on down to wedgieville. That’s the danger with hipsters, there’s just more fabric going on in the back. These hipsters are really high quality, but I share the sentiments of these reviewers on Amazon. Some women loved them though, so if hipsters work for you, give them a shot.


Patagonia Active Briefs – $20
The active brief for the active girl

The active brief for the active girl

Moving into the underwear that was actually pretty comfortable to work out in, we’ll first take a peek at these briefs from Patagonia. I’d never purchased underwear from Patagonia before, so wasn’t sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised! Not that I doubted the quality of Patagonia, but the comfort was right there. I used these during plyometric circuit training, and running.  I did suffer from the odd wedgie during running, but they were few and far between. This is a great workout underwear, but…


Patagonia Active Hipster – $20
The hipster for the hippy chick

The hipster for the hippy chick

These I like even better! Another pair from Patagonia, but this one is labeled as a hipster. It actually falls between hipster and bikini to me. The wide waistband was more comfortable than the brief, and this was perfect for my petite torso. I again wore these during circuit training and running, and only had to deal with the odd wedgie on runs. The fabric is very comfortable and stretchy, yet stays in place.  One of my top two!


ASICS Women’s ASX Bikini – $18
A very comfortable bikini

A very comfortable bikini

These were my personal favorite of the group. From the get-go, these were extremely comfortable, and I didn’t once think about them the first time I worked out in them. I’ve hiked, ran, and done circuit training in them, and they’ve been wonderfully comfortable in all instances. Bikini cut works well for my body due to my short torso, but you can also find these in different cuts.  If you’re currently in the market for some workout underwear, I’d give these or the Patagonia hipster a shot. Very comfortable, and worth the price!

Do you have some workout underwear suggestions? How about workout thongs–would you, or do you, wear them? Leave it in the comments!

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