FC Healthy Hair Tip #22

This week is Mind + Body week on full clutch, and the posts will be all about healthy ways to find your best self and incorporate them into your routine.  Finding the natural point of health for your mind and body can be a tough journey, but one well worth it.  When you’re comfortable in your own skin, finding and building your style can actually be a pleasure!  No matter your size or shape, we hope to leave you with some practical tips for a healthy body and happy mind!

This might not fall into the healthy body or mind category, but it sure is nice to have healthy hair!  It makes styling much easier, and bad hair days come few and far between. Years back, my stylist at the time gave me a great tip on conditioning my hair that I’ve used ever since. Before we get into it, let’s talk conditioner for a minute. Hair conditioners are usually used to achieve two things–detangling hair, and adding nutrients and moisture to keep hair healthy. When you put in a leave-in conditioner post shower, the directions always say to towel dry your hair first.  Well, why don’t we do this step in the shower?

Working for you outside, AND inside the shower.

Working for you outside, AND inside the shower.

Conditioners are based on oils. Oils that help to cause slip and detangle, but also oils that provide nutrients. Here’s the thing though; water and oil don’t mix. So if your hair is soaked with water in the shower, that conditioner can detangle, but the oils and nutrients can’t really penetrate the water to absorb into the shaft of your hair. How to fix this? Towel dry your hair in the shower. Either hang your regular towel over the curtain rail, or on hook or towel rack within reaching distance, or have a small hand towel at the ready. Once you’re rinsed your shampoo out, give your hair a quick towel dry. This only takes seconds to do. Then apply your conditioner, starting at the tips and working up.

If you have longer hair, keep a hair band handy in the shower, and pull your hair up into a loose bun once you’ve conditioned, so you’re not unknowingly rinsing that conditioner out of the tips too soon.

A simple step to take that will allow your conditioner to work harder for you!

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