Yummy treats for a Healthy You

This week is Mind + Body week on full clutch, and the posts will be all about healthy ways to find your best self and incorporate them into your routine.  Finding the natural point of health for your mind and body can be a tough journey, but one well worth it.  When you’re comfortable in your own skin, finding and building your style can actually be a pleasure!  No matter your size or shape, we hope to leave you with some practical tips for a healthy body and happy mind!

For anyone that’s ever gone through the process of trying to change their eating habits, you all know how tough it can be.

  • You get used to the sugar high in the morning from your mocha and pastry.
  • You start to madly crave that bag of chips or candy bar around 3pm.
  • Late night in front of the television brings on an unprecedented love affair with the junk food in your pantry.

And when you try to put an end to all this, you might experience a major drop in the feel good chemicals you depended on these daily “treats” to spike in your brain. But that’s the problem with junk, it just creates a spike. Then you spiral into a black hole of sleepiness and grouchiness until your next fix.

Once you do make the change, and those “treats” become occasional, you can REALLY feel how negatively they affect your body. And then they don’t even feel like treats anymore, but more like an enemy invasion. But even the health nuts have to have their sugar fixes. There are lots of delicious, healthy options out there to soothe that sweet tooth. And they have fiber, vitamins, and nutrients, without all the processed crap.  Here’s three of my favorites…

Dark Chocolate & Almonds

Chcolate and Almonds

Totally simple, but so delicious. Tell yourself this right now: chocolate is not the enemy. If it’s processed beyond recognition (looking at you Russel Stover’s) then you should avoid it.  But dark chocolate (in moderation) can improve blood flow, brain function, control blood sugar, and provides numerous antioxidants and vitamins. So I’m saying you should swap your daily multi for dark chocolate? I wish! But pairing some dark chocolate with a nut, like almonds, can satisfy your sweet tooth while contributing to your overall health.


Dole Dippers

Dole Dippers

I found these sweet little treats at Costco on my last shopping trip. I think I went to the frozen food section for blueberries, and heard angels singing and light radiating from a case.  And Dole Dippers were delivered unto me.  These are just frozen slices of banana covered in dark chocolate.  The consistency is like ice cream bon bon’s, with a crunchy chocolate outside, but the creamy texture comes from the frozen fruit.  There are 4 slices per 100 calorie pack.  Perfect for this time of year, when most of us start craving cool treats.


Avocado Pudding

Avo Pudding

If you’ve not tried a good avo pudding, you are missing out!  Be warned, this is a rich dessert, but all the creaminess in the pudding comes from avocado.  That’s right, you just blend avocado with cocoa, sweetener  and a few other ingredients, and you have a vegan pudding PACKED with nutrients. I was a bit skeptical when I first saw this on a menu at a local vegetarian/vegan restaurant.  I was in HEAVEN on my first bite.  If you want to make a chocolate peanut butter avo pudding, but don’t want the extra calories peanut butter can pack, try PB2.  It’s just powdered roasted peanuts, that have been pressed to extract most of the fat and oil.  You can reconstitute it with water if you want a peanut butter sandwich, but I still like the real stuff for that.  But, PB2 is perfect for smoothies, and would inject your pudding with peanut butter flavor and minimal calories (2 tbs on PB2 is only 45 calories).  Here are a few simple avocado pudding recipes.

So you may have noticed that chocolate is a running theme in my life.  Any suggestions for other healthy desserts, perhaps a few without chocolate? Leave links to recipes in the comments!

2 Responses to “Yummy treats for a Healthy You”
  1. Beth says:

    Where has avocado pudding been all my life? I’m making this TONIGHT!

  2. Kelly says:

    Great suggestions!