4 Pairs of Sandals You Should Have in Your Closet

With so many trends cycling in and out each season, it can be hard to figure out what is a good buy that will serve you well in seasons to come, and what is just a trend that will look dated within a year. To help you curate a balanced shoe wardrobe this summer, here are four sandals you should have in your closet that should cover all sartorial occasions.


1. Athletic Sandals


Teva Mandalyn Ola 2 Flip Flop – $29.95; Rocket Dog Spotlight Printed Flip Flop – $22.95; Airwalk Women’s Quizzical EVA Flip Flop – $12.99; Nike Celso Motion Slide Sandals – $44.99 ($50.00)

Not the most fun buy, but definitely a requirement–athletic sandals. Something you can wear around the house, walking the dogs, running quick errands, camping, to the pool or beach, etc. You want to pick sandals that are really comfortable and solidly built. Though that $4 pair of flip flops at Old Navy might be tempting because it’s so cheap, those don’t provide much support, and may end up hurting your feet. Tevas are an obvious choice–really high quality, really comfortable. I’ve also had luck with Rocket Dog. The Airwalks are the cheapest of the bunch but they have a nice thick sole, so they might be worth a try. And sandals from athletic shoe companies like Nike are always a good bet–these in particular are nice because they don’t have a thong, in case those tend to rub the skin between your toes.


2. Formal Sandals


Nine West Karoo Platform Sandal – $59.95; Nina Rosmira Stretch Evening Sandals – $89

Spring, summer, and (sometimes) fall weddings call for a dressy pair of sandals.  It’s nice to have one pair you can pull out for all events so I suggest getting them in a neutral color, like black, dark brown, grey, or metallic tones. The Nine West pair above are really doable in terms of height–smallish heel, plus a platform that will make them even more comfortable. And a slingback means that the shoe will adjust to fit you as you walk. For those more daring, this black studded heel is higher and offers less comfort but looks amazing.


3. Flat Sandals


Nice by Joie – $115; Nine West Sequin – $79

So we’ve covered super casual sandals and super dressy sandals. How about meeting in the middle? You need a pair of flat (or flatish) sandals that you can wear casually with jeans or simple skirt, but still feel put-together in. I love this pair by Joie with its muted colors and simple construction. Easy to wear; easy to style. If you like a little more pizzazz, this pair by Nine West comes in lots of bright colors and features more straps and a toe hold.


4. Wedge Sandals


Steve Madden Cherrr – $99.95; Kelly & Katie Cara Wedge Sandal – $39.95; b.o.c. Dianna Wedge Sandal – $59.95; Jennifer Lopez Platform Wedge Sandals – $41.99 ($69.99); Lauren by Ralph Lauren Indigo Espadrille Wedge Sandals – $59.00 ($69.00); Chaps Wedge Sandals – $25.99 ($64.99)

A wedge sandal is so versatile…and flattering. Heels are not just great for the height, they make your legs look better. When you’re wearing a heel, your leg muscles are engaged, so you calves and thighs look leaner and more toned. Wearing traditional heels all the time is a drag, though, so why not try a wedge? Really easy on the feet, pretty easy to walk in with a little bit of practice. And tons of options out there. As you can tell, I had a hard time narrowing down the ones I wanted to feature. My favorite are the blue ones in the upper right–b.o.c. Dianna Wedge. Great silhouette, and they have a delicate floral print stamped right on the cork! So cute!

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