Saving Money on Beauty Products

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A couple months ago, I shared my extensive wisdom on saving money on clothing and accessories. Today I’m back with ideas for saving money on beauty products.


1. Re-purpose old or unwanted lipstick


MAC Lipstick in Sophisto; NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Pale Pink; Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss in All Day Seduction; MAC Lipstick in High Tea

You can’t remember when you bought that lipstick in the bottom of your cosmetics drawer. Maybe when you graduated from college? Maybe when you got drunk and ordered a bunch of stuff online from Sephora? Or, you bought the lipstick without trying it out, and it’s a terrible color on your lips. Guess what? You can use it as a cream blush. In fact, that’s how cream blushes got started. Makeup artists were using lipsticks on their clients to get a subtle, creamy, glowing look, and cosmetics manufacturers thought, hey, we can market this.


Here I’m wearing MAC Lipstick in High Tea which I applied to the apples of my cheeks and then blended up towards my temple. It’s a pale brown-pink that looked terrible on my lips because it made them lighter than they are, so it really washed out my complexion. But on my skin, which is very fair, it’s a whole different story. I typically look best in blushes that have a bit of brown or orange in them, and are not so pink, so this is a great color for me. It gives my skin a subtle flush and it’s really easy to apply and blend.


2. Cut expensive products with cheaper ones


I have dry skin so I apply body lotion all year ’round. I’m also a scent addict, so I love wearing products that smell good. My most recent lotion purchase was a container of Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy Body Creme. It was $55. Yes. That is expensive. But my habit with expensive products like this is to cut them with something cheaper. I use whatever drugstore brand body lotion I have lying around (this time it was Olay Quench Body Lotion), and combine it, half and half, with the expensive product. It would probably be scent overkill anyway to lather my whole body in scented lotion. This way, I still get the amazing fragrance of the designer product, but it lasts twice as long.


3. Remove nail polish smarter


I love nail polish. Love it. Obsessed with it. I’ve made no secret of that here on full clutch. (In fact, check out the new site we’re running that is dedicated to all nail art, all the time!) About a year ago, I started thinking that it would be nice if reusable cotton balls existed (well, they do, but they’re not meant to be used with nail polish remover which is a very harsh chemical), because I go through so many of them removing nail polish from my fingers. Then I came across this post. The writer shows a way to remove polish from both hands using a single cotton ball. Basically, you unravel the cotton ball, dip pieces of it in nail polish remover, press it to your nail, and let it sit for five minutes. The soaking action of the polish is more effective and less harsh on your nails than rubbing the cotton ball back and forth ten times. Now, I’ve tried this and I sometimes need two cotton balls, but that is still a big improvement from the four or five I used to use. And, less wasteful in addition to saving money!

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