Links We Love

We’re total blog junkies here at full clutch, and we love seeing what other writers are saying about beauty, style, and even lifestyle topics. Enjoy this round-up of our favorite links from the week!

Why don’t any of my friends invite me over for a tea party like this?

Anchors–I’m telling you, they’re everywhere!

Mint and ivory striped pants = Fabulous.

Is this related to style? Not really. But it’s so darn cute, we had to include it. Dog lovers, take note.

Can you handle all these bright colors?

And speaking of colors, how about summer hues for your lips?

Um, yum.

Hey look, someone else likes to share links too.

The Budget Babe gives a list of retailers who make designer-inspired shoes at economical prices.

Beastie Boys home decor–bet you never thought you’d read those words together.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Heidi/FranticButFab says:

    Thanks for including me!