Kate Spade 75% Off!

If you’re not signed up to get Kate Spade sale alerts, you really should. Four or five times a year KS does a crazy-ass sale, where you can get beautiful bags (and clothing and accessories) for a fraction of the original price. And these are bags you’d want at full price, they’re not in weird colors or ugly silhouettes that they couldn’t get rid of. Today ONLY until 11:59pm PT, KS is offering up to 75% off select bags, you just have to enter your email address and zip code to get into the sale, then you’re golden. Items from these sales are always final, so choose wisely. Here are some quick picks from our favorites of the bunch:


Radio Samira – $129 ($298)


A little clutch in mint or baby pink, that looks like a radio. I die. So cute!


Bow Shoppe Little Shiloh – $25 ($58)


Saving your pennies but still want a part of the Kate Spade brand? This very reasonably priced pouch is only $25. Use it as a wallet or a cosmetics bag.


Wellesley Octagon Rachelle – $119 ($358)


This bag has everything I love. A slim, retro silhouette and a black and white design. Too bad I already have a black and white Kate Spade from the last sale. Darn.


Checker Place Lacey – $59 ($178)


Another very affordable wallet from KS. Love the little spade decal and the pink and white checks.


Wellesley Quinn – $159 ($398)


Lime green! Such a fun color for summer (and if it doesn’t float your boat but you love the style of the bag, it’s also available in pink and orange).

Other items we love: this petite anchor necklace, this sassy bangle, and this pop art cosmetics bag. Happy shopping–it ends June 17 at 11:59pm PT, and all items are final sale!

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