Love It – Cailyn Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner

Cailyn Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner – $21

You gotta love a good eyeliner.  And for me, the definition of good is a liner that applies easy, lasts all day, and looks smooth. Enter Cailyn Gel Eyeliner.  Admittedly, I’d not used a gel eyeliner before this little gem showed up in a sample shipment from I tend to stick to my Rimmel and Clinique pencil liners.

I was skeptical about the Cailyn liner, having never used gel liner before, and one that applied with a brush no less.  But after the first little swipe across my lash line, I knew I had found a special product that would be kept in my rotation.

Cailyn Gel Liner

Cailyn creates their products with natural ingredients based in minerals, so their makeup is safe for even sensitive skin. Their products are free of parabens, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, tricosan, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, is non-gmo and is never tested on animals. I’d say they’ve earned all their brownie points!

It’s really easy to apply, surprisingly easy.  The brush that’s included in the packaging of the liner is high quality and applies the product precisely.  I’ve only used the “Chocolate Mousse” color so far, since that was the color that came in my Blush shipment, but I plan to purchase several more colors.  I feel like it’s going to take me quite a while to get through the entire pot of liner, so I’m assuming the $21 investment in the liner will keep you in business for quite a while.  AND, it stays put ALL DAY LONG.

I would, without pause, recommend this product. It’s so worth it!

2 Responses to “Love It – Cailyn Line-Fix Gel Eyeliner”
  1. Kelly says:

    I love gel eyeliners! I love Young Blood’s, in every color. Tarte also makes a pretty good gel liner. (Both are also “natural” makeup lines). I’ve found that if you get an angled liner brush it really helps with the application. I’m currently using one by Sonia Kashuk, found at Target. I’ll have to try Cailyn next.